CRM Mapping Software: 9 Ways to Accelerate Outside Sales Performance

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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CRM mapping software can give your outside sales team a major competitive advantage.

How efficient is your outside sales team?

How many times have your sales reps walked into the office of a prospective lead, only to find that they’ve already spoken to another rep in your company?

Or, what about the times your reps go all the way out to the boondocks to meet with a lead, and realize only once they step back into the office that they could’ve visited another lead just a few miles down the road?

According to recent studies, sales reps spend only 34% of their time selling. The rest is split up into administrative tasks; for field reps, this includes manually mapping out the routes they’ll take to speak to leads and customers.

Obviously, this is not an efficient way to work.

Thankfully, there’s a solution that will save both field reps and managers a lot of time and effort: CRM mapping software.

What is CRM Mapping?

A CRM mapping tool provides map-based analysis of territories enabling sales reps to easily find customers and prospects in the area. CRM Mapping geographically represents CRM data on a map so reps can more easily manage territories and plan routes.

In addition, reps can sort and filter through this information to uncover new opportunities and spot trends. When you pair together powerful data from your CRM onto an intuitive and functional map view, reps will be able to pull actionable insights to get the most out of every territory.

3 Advantages of CRM Maps for Sales Teams

Save everyone time.

Forget about the hours you spend manually planning your routes or the time managers spend mapping out territories in Google Maps.

A CRM software for outside sales mapping takes the heavy lifting out of route planning and building maps.

Bring field data into your CRM.

Second, many CRM mapping software options can sit on top of your existing CRM. If your sales reps are already engaged with your current CRM, no problem. Options like SPOTIO give you the mapping capabilities you need without the hassle of switching to a whole new CRM.

This is one of the reasons why SPOTIO has become a popular alternative to Geopointe, which is pigeonholed to Salesforce.

Get the best of both worlds

But, what if your team isn’t engaged with your current CRM and you’re in the market for a whole new product? Therein lies the third benefit of CRM mapping software: it can act as a CRM solution with the mapping software built-in. That way your outside sales team can work more efficiently and new leads are mapped as soon as they’re added; tying together CRM data with your maps.

But what exactly can a CRM mapping software do to improve the performance of your outside sales team?

9 Ways CRM Mapping Software Can Accelerate Sales Performance

CRM Mapping is beneficial to both sales reps and managers.

Reps will be more productive and maximize their time in the field by being able to search prospects and other sales opportunities that are nearby.

Managers will benefit by being able to manage territories and see how opportunities are progressing so they can better coach their reps and improve territory coverage.

1. Distribute Territories By City and Zip Code

We all know how much time managers can waste manually route planning for their field reps in Google Maps or other tools like Streets and Trips or MapPoint.

Besides wasting your time, Google Maps won’t show you how many prospects or existing customers are in each territory. That almost guarantees that the territories you create will be unbalanced.

Ultimately, using Google Maps to distribute territories limits you, and can end up costing your company more.

A CRM mapping software enables you to save time and distribute territories efficiently. For example, in SPOTIO, you can choose to distribute territories by zip code or city.

Worried that your field reps territories aren’t equal? Your CRM mapping software can also show you an estimated number of houses or businesses in each territory, giving you the ability to create territories that share an equal amount of prospects between all the reps on your team.

2. Improve Rep Productivity

Between running to different meetings, getting to know new prospects, and connecting with existing customers, a field rep’s schedule is always full.

So when your reps are out in the field, are they really maximizing their productivity?

Here’s how it works with CRM mapping: reps get a visual overview of where their prospects and customers are located. Rather than just plugging in addresses from an Excel sheet into Google Maps, they can easily see which prospects are close to each other, or if an existing customer is near the route they’re going to take.

SPOTIO takes this one step further by color-coding the map to show the status of new prospects, leads, or current customers.

Best of all, this map is available for mobile. Meaning, sales reps can quickly access the information they need right from their phone.

3. Find Existing Customers & Get Referrals

Referral leads are the most valuable leads your company can get. In fact, one study found that referral leads have a 16% higher lifetime value compared with other types of leads.

More than that, the same study showed that referrals generally have a 37% higher retention rate.

So, how can a CRM mapping software help you get more referred leads?

While your reps are in the field, they can easily spot the location where existing customers are on the map and which prospects are nearby.

When a field rep walks up to a new prospect and mentions how Joe Smith from next door uses their services too, that name-drop can have a powerful effect.

But it gets better: field reps can also talk directly to their existing customers and ask for referrals in the neighborhood. That way, they can get new referred leads and follow up while they’re in the area.

By working to get more referrals, your sales reps can increase their productivity and gather higher-converting leads.

4. Use Google Places Data to Prospect Smarter and Faster

Using a CRM mapping software like SPOTIO that integrates with Google Places allows your reps to pin-point the best prospects in their territory within seconds.

For example, let’s say your business targets restaurants. Your reps can do a simple search and see all of the restaurants in their assigned territory. They’ll also be able to see the contact information, business hours, and more! Then, they can plan the most efficient route to contact new leads.

With access to information for over 150 million businesses worldwide, an integration with Google Places gives your outside sales team the advantage they need to seamlessly search for relevant prospects.

5. Move Sales Prospects From the Map into the Pipeline

When your CRM includes mapping capabilities you can move seamlessly between the map of prospects and leads to the integrated sales pipeline.

For example, when an outside sales rep contacts a new lead, they can easily assign them a status that is color-coded and later appears directly on the map. The status assignments can be customized depending on your business process.

Later, reps can also add new events to their prospects, whether it’s an upcoming meeting or an email they need to send with proposals or information.

That new event is then automatically synced to the rep’s Google Calendar.

6. Optimize Routes and Spend More Time Selling

How many times do your field reps find themselves with nothing to do between two meetings?

Using a mapping CRM, reps can optimize their route plan and focus their efforts on selling more, more efficiently.

In most CRM mapping software and apps, routes are organized automatically, saving your outside sales team time and effort. The software takes into account set meeting times, the distance between destinations, and pulls data on nearby prospects and existing customers.

Sales Routing. Route Planner. Sales Route Planner App

It also automatically calculates your route depending on the time you set for various appointments, making sure reps always have enough time to get from one place to the next.

7. Improve Field Data Capture

With their non-stop schedules and on-the-go workday, field reps sometimes find it hard to keep track of important information and keep prospect data stored in their CRM.

A mobile CRM mapping software solves this problem by giving reps everything they need right on their phones. They can easily input important CRM data quickly, and return to their route map without skipping a beat.

The SPOTIO app goes above and beyond with its e-Contracts feature, allowing sales reps to get important documentation signed on the spot, right from their smartphone.

Document Management and e-Contracts in Spotio

It also allows easy access to important files such as product specs, presentations, and more.

8. Stop Leads From Falling Through The Cracks

When sales reps are on-the-go, it can be easy to forget about leads. A CRM mapping software takes care of this by reminding reps which leads are on their current route, and storing all of the important information in one place.

For example, let’s say that a rep spoke with a lead, but at the time that lead wasn’t interested in the product. You can set this lead’s status to “Not Interested”, and in a few months the rep will receive a reminder to re-engage with them.

Also, since all leads stay on the map, sales reps can visit disengaged leads or opportunities that haven’t continued to move through the pipeline.

Since a CRM mapping software can store all of your important customer and lead data in one place, you won’t have to keep moving between different software to get the information you need; preventing leads from falling through the cracks.

9. Work With the Systems You Have in Place

The best CRM mapping software is one that will integrate seamlessly with the tools that you and your team are already using.

For example, as mentioned, a good mapping CRM software can work with the CRM your team already uses, “bolting” on the mapping capabilities your team needs to work efficiently.

You can also integrate this software with other important tools, such as Google Calendar, Dropbox, DocuSign, and more. In fact, using Zapier integrations, you can connect CRM mapping software to over 750 different tools.

Final Thoughts

With a CRM mapping solution you can create balanced sales territories faster, customize maps, help field reps work more efficiently, and simplify management. It will take the click of a button to map the best route, and they’ll never leave important leads on the table.

What could a CRM mapping software do for your business?


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