Territory Management Software

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Territory Management Software

Territory Management Software by SPOTIO

Sales 101 – You can’t sell anything to anyone if you don’t talk to people. Maximizing contact rate is the number one step in gaining sales efficiency.

Based on this, sales efforts focused on determining strategic territories yield positive results. As sales reps spend more time in the field knocking doors and engaging in face-to-face meetings, contact rate is maximized and sales increase.

Strategic Territory Creation Yields Results

Using SPOTIO’s territory management software to create strategic territories related to your target market will lead to positive results:

  • Increased time spent in the field selling and making face-to-face contact;
  • No hours lost driving around, seeking the perfect area to knock;
  • Save money on gas and vehicle wear and tear; and
  • No more missed opportunities.

Territory Management 300x149 - Territory Management SoftwareSPOTIO achieves these results by allowing the creation of territories based on zip codes or limit the territory to just a few targeted streets in a specific neighborhood. Territories can then be assigned to individual sales reps.

Historical Data Reaps Maximum Benefit

To reap maximum benefits from a territory, it must be worked and reworked. Top companies work territories to a 75% market penetration rate and our research shows that this takes between 4 and 5 passes through – so SPOTIO takes things a step further by creating historical data. This valuable data reflects exactly what happened with each and every prospect up to the point of the last re-knock.

With historical data, sales reps are more prepared to re-engage with the prospect based on the background knowledge saved within SPOTIO and sales managers have data in which to use to coach their sales team to success.

Comfort and Confidence Leads to Success

Taking the time and effort to create and assign territories with SPOTIO’s territory management software will give sales reps a very clear direction in which to begin selling. Outlining exactly where to Sales Activity Tracking 300x168 - Territory Management Softwarego and what actions to take leads to a higher level of confidence. This makes sales reps more comfortable in their role out in the field, and, of course, leads to more sales.

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