Generate industry-leading proposals and close more deals with the SPOTIO + SOLO solar integration.


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

Top solar and roofing companies trust SPOTIO to supercharge field sales productivity via custom proposals, one-click signing capabilities, and certified engineering documentation.


About SOLO

SOLO was built to help sales teams close more deals.

To accomplish this mission, the SOLO solar app is equipped with lightning-fast proposal creation tools, easy-to-use payment processing features, and e-signature functionality.

Put simply, SOLO solar software is a one-top-shop solution you can use to make sure almost customers become paying customers more often, boosting revenue for your company.

The best part is, the solar proposals you create will be accurate—even though you’ll generate them in minutes. In fact, 99.7% of SOLO proposals require 0 revisions after close.

Once your proposal is accepted, SOLO will help you streamline approvals, make necessary calculations, finalize extraneous details, and otherwise simplify the rest of your sales process.

For companies that want to close more deals in less time, SOLO’s proposal software is a must-have.


Integration Highlights

SOLO is a powerful platform. But when you pair it with SPOTIO, it becomes a next-level solution. Set up the SPOTIO + SOLO solar integration, and your sales team will be able to:

Lead or Account Object: Generate SOLO proposals using the lead data inside SPOTIO. Doing so will make the proposal creation process fast and, more importantly, accurate. Have confidence in the proposals you send and spend less time reconfiguring agreements.

Custom Field Mapping: Once a proposal is generated, quickly share it with prospects via email or text message in just a few clicks. SPOTIO message templates ensure a consistent follow-up every time and prevent deals from falling through the cracks.

Eliminate Friction: You’ve worked hard to connect with leads, so you don’t want technology to cause headaches. With Solo and SPOTIO, you can eliminate double data entry and the jumping back and forth between systems.


Integrating SPOTIO and SOLO Is Easy

Easily integrate the SOLO proposal platform with SPOTIO. Then watch as your sales team reaps the benefits of our solution’s category-leading field sales features.

Check out our in-depth knowledge base article on how to get started, or contact us at [email protected].

Connect SOLO and SPOTIO


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