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Field Sales Software

Field Sales Software by SPOTIO

Field sales software assists in effectively managing your team by establishing processes such as designing the best sales routes possible. This helps to establish two key components of success in sales – efficiency and speed. Field sales software enables you to create a dynamic plan, and with a motivated field sales team, more customers will be contacted face to face, giving your overall sales goals a boost.

Efficient Sales Route Creation

To get in front of more customers and of course, to get more sales, each person on your field sales team must have an efficient route to pursue daily. SPOTIO’s intuitive data can be used to create a driving route that includes directions listed in the order that makes the most sense when it comes to knocking doors.

Manipulating the data in SPOTIO is simple:

  • Create a custom report of pins that include address, city, state and zip code;
  • Export the report into a .csv document;
  • Import the data from the .csv document into a routing software of choice, such as Mapquest to create the ordered list; and
  • Use a GPS for specific route directions.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

With the ever increasing competition in door to door sales, using SPOTIO as field sales software gives you the upper hand. As you guide your team of sales reps in taking the best daily routes, you win over the competition who is using outdated methods – think spreadsheets with lists of addresses compared to analyzing real data within the app.

Improve Your Field Management Processes

Because scheduling routes for sales reps is one of the most time-consuming processes for sales managers, using SPOTIO as a field management tool delivers easy-to-use, intuitive data to create efficient sales routes. Expect to improve your bottom line by reducing field sales reps’ travel time while increasing face to face encounters with potential customers.

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