Pin Map Viewer

Know when and where to follow up or re-work territories.

People who don’t give you a firm “yes” or “no,” or indicate that they’re interested in your product or service, but just not at this very moment represent huge opportunities. SPOTIO provides historical data that reflects date and time of door knocks so you can execute a follow-up strategy to turn these “maybes” into paying customers.

section 2 - Pin Map Viewer

  • Improve team efficiency
  • See PINs on a map in relation to where to go knock
  • At-a-glance knowledge of how the homeowner at each address responded
  • Save pictures taken with your device to PINs that tie the images to specific addresses inside the app
  • Know the exact number of times a specific door is knocked
  • “Find Me” GPS location pulls user’s location and shows it on the map
  • User knows exactly where he/she is in relation to doors that need to be knocked

Get Organized. Keep Track. Sell More.

Up Your Door-to-Door Game In Seconds.