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The Easiest, Most Reliable Way to Find "Hot" Leads

Quickly generate qualified leads within SPOTIO in seconds

Key Territories

Potential Customers

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Sales and Revenue

The Power of solid lead discovery is within SPOTIO

Sales team and individual sales success depends on leads that are the most likely to turn into customers. Lead Machine-a convenient tool located within SPOTIO-is your one-stop-shop for identifying strong leads and managing sales and canvassing territories based on reliable, up-to-date data.

Spotio - Leadmachine Devices
Spotio - Leadmachine Devices

Capture Leads by Drawing Areas

Imagine spending the majority of your time knocking on the doors of residents who are ready to buy. This is the reality with Lead Machine, empowering you to work more effectively and close more sales by targeting the best leads within a chosen territory.

Target Your Customer Profile

Here is where the fun begins! As new criteria is added, the number of leads decrease as Lead Machine hones in on your target customers. No more time wasted knocking doors of residents who have no interest in your product or service.

Spotio - Leadmachine Devices
Spotio - Leadmachine Devices

Specify Your Ideal Customer

From age to location to home square footage and household income to the type of dwelling and the ability to search the home's purchase date, and more, you can search specifics to get a total number of potential leads within an area

Narrow Your Search for Leads

Lead Machine is designed to help you penetrate optimal territories. Knock only the doors that meet your criteria and skip over those who don't to maximize your overall sales numbers and commissions.

Spotio - Leadmachine Devices
Spotio - Leadmachine Devices

Automatically Imports Leads

Once you've selected the criteria, simply add a custom status to your leads. Lead Machine will automatically create and import the territory where the leads reside and help you determines the best way to work the area.