Data Importing

Leave no contacts behind.

SPOTIO’s importing tool allows outside CSV files to be imported directly into SPOTIO, so you can drop PINS into your account in bulk. The process is simple and allows you to keep lists of past customers and potential prospects mapped for easy engagement.  Engage or re-engage with your imported lists by assigning them to sales reps to knock their doors.

Import List  Grey Background e1531420588922 - Data Importing

  • Drop PINs into your account in bulk by importing outside CSV file data
  • Imported data automatically mapped within SPOTIO
  • Map lists of past and potential customers
  • Reference other people within territories who use your product or service
  • Import company documents — marketing materials, sales scripts, must-have certificates, and more — into SPOTIO

Get Organized. Keep Track. Sell More.

Up Your Door-to-Door Game In Seconds.