Custom Status & Fields

Customized for your business.

Make SPOTIO work for you by incorporating your sales process into the app. Determine what data you want to track and set up specific “statuses” and “fields” into SPOTIO to record that information. As reps prospect, the information most important to your sales process and your company can be filled in so you always have this data at your fingertips.

Custom Status Fields Updated Asset - Custom Status & Fields

  • Date and time stamp every customer interaction to keep a detailed history of every account
  • Track when and where reps prospect
  • Record how  the person at the door or business responds to sales reps
  • Track exactly  which sales rep knocked a specific door or account and what happened
  • Changes and updates in SPOTIO occur in real time
  • Track responses from contacts based on questions sales reps should be asking
  • Tag each lead with the status of within your sales funnel
  • Create as much data inside SPOTIO that you need
  • Customize SPOTIO to your business needs
  • Track the data you need

Get Organized. Keep Track. Sell More.

Up Your Sales Game In Seconds.