SPOTIO and Solo Elevate Solar Sales Experience with Advanced Integration Features

SPOTIO + SOLO Integration
Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

Dallas, TX – January 23, 2024 – SPOTIO, the leader in field sales engagement technology, and Solo, the all-in-one solar growth and proposal platform, are excited to announce an enhanced native integration that will redefine efficiency and effectiveness in the solar sales sector.

For modern outside sales teams, the technology they use in the field is becoming a critical component of future growth strategies and ongoing success. Field sales teams use at least three different systems on average in their day-to-day operations, according to SPOTIO’s most recent research data.

With this increase in technology adoption, the integration of technologies is crucial. It streamlines processes, improves data accuracy, and accelerates sales operations. The partnership between SPOTIO and Solo is a prime example of how synchronized technology can boost productivity and success in field sales.

Trey Gibson, Founder and CEO of SPOTIO, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’re excited about our advanced integration with Solo. The need for speed in solar sales is more demanding and necessary than ever. This update is not just a technical improvement but a significant advancement in operational efficiency. It simplifies processes and enables sales teams to move faster and more accurately than before.”

Tech Synergy for Solar Success
This integration introduces an instant trigger for the Solo integration upon logging a custom Task activity in SPOTIO, leading to unprecedented efficiency for sales teams. Rather than merely creating a customer profile in Solo, SPOTIO now automatically generates a detailed solar proposal. The real advantage lies in the two-way sync. When a proposal is created in Solo, a link is sent back to SPOTIO and is accessible in the “links” section for the record. This feature saves time, ensures accuracy, and speeds up proposal generation, revolutionizing solar sales.

The update’s standout feature is its native integration between SPOTIO and Solo, offering pre-configured compatibility, enhanced stability, and ease of use, leading to faster and more efficient outcomes.

“At Solo, we’ve understood that collaboration between technology providers in the solar sales market is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry,” shared Solo’s Chief Revenue Officer David Wilson. “Partnering with forward-thinking providers like SPOTIO enables us at Solo to meet and exceed the needs of our current and future customers with greater efficiency and ease. This synergy is key to delivering exceptional value in the dynamic world of solar sales.”

SPOTIO is the premier field sales engagement platform designed specifically for field sales teams to increase pipeline growth, enhance productivity, and close more deals. SPOTIO centralizes field sales activities, offering organizations critical insights and visibility to drive revenue. Serving thousands of customers globally, SPOTIO is committed to propelling field sales teams to new heights. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SPOTIO is a privately held company. For more information, please visit

About Solo
Solo is the industry-leading back-office solution for contractors and sales organizations, providing dynamic proposals, document management, CAD design, and engineering-as-a-service for the home improvement industry. Solo partners with a diverse group of best-in-class organizations to provide complementary technologies, solutions, and services designed to accelerate your business’​s ascent. The Solo platform has helped hundreds of solar companies optimize their operations and close more deals. To date, Solo has created over three million dynamic proposals, saved an estimated 150,000 hours of work, closed more than 100K deals, and permitted over 30,000 Plansets. For more information, please visit