Elevating Sales Efficiency: The Newest Features in SPOTIO’s Latest Release

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

For field sales teams, staying ahead of market headwinds and competitive threats means leveraging the latest in technology. As a field sales technology provider, this means that the team at SPOTIO is constantly looking for ways to innovate and introduce new capabilities to enhance the value for our customers.

To that end, we are very excited to announce one of our biggest releases yet! And with it comes some groundbreaking new features. These enhancements not only streamline the sales process but also bring a new level of integration and user experience. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting new features, perfect for boosting your sales strategy.

Native Solo Integration: A Game-Changer for Solar Sales
One of the standout features in this release is the enhanced Native Solo Integration. This innovative update allows users to trigger the SOLO integration instantly upon logging a custom Task activity. 

What does this mean for your sales team? Efficiency like never before. Instead of merely creating a customer profile in SOLO, SPOTIO now automatically generates a detailed solar proposal. The real magic lies in the two-way synchronization. Once a proposal is generated in SOLO, a link is sent back to SPOTIO and made available under the “links” section for the record. This seamless integration not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and speed in proposal generation. Check out the Solo integration knowledge base article here.

Task Management: Refined for Maximum Efficiency
The latest update revolutionizes Task Management in SPOTIO. The new requirement to fill out specific custom fields on a record before logging a trigger activity ensures that all necessary data is captured upfront. This precision in data entry paves the way for more streamlined operations. Moreover, introducing a new activity type that doesn’t require blocking off time on a user’s calendar is a significant boon for busy sales professionals. Additionally, the ability to bulk assign tasks to multiple records from map and list views is a game-changer, enhancing productivity. Check out the Task Management knowledge base article here.

Activity Enhancements: Tailored to Modern Sales Needs
Activity management within SPOTIO has received a substantial upgrade. Administrators can now classify activity types as either “In-Person” or “Virtual,” aligning with the current hybrid sales environment. The “Log Now” feature, available on both Web and Mobile platforms, adds another layer of convenience, allowing sales teams to record activities instantaneously.

New Map Filter Options: Visualize and Strategize
SPOTIO’s map interface now includes an innovative Custom Field option for “Currency.” This feature enables users to colorize and filter records based on Currency and Number Field Values, akin to the “Days Since Last Visit” feature. Such visual differentiation aids in better data analysis, allowing sales teams to strategize effectively based on financial metrics. Find out more about custom fields and filters here.

Shareable Filters: Collaborate and Conquer
The introduction of Shareable Filters is a significant step towards collaborative sales management. Admin and Manager users can create, save, and share custom filters by territory, team, or individual users. These shared filters appear in a new section, “Shared Filters,” located below “My Filters.” This feature promotes a collaborative work environment, enabling teams to share insights and strategies efficiently and enhancing collective performance. Click here for more information about how to set up Shareable Filters.

Location Sharing Privacy: Empowering User Control
Recognizing the importance of privacy, SPOTIO’s latest update introduces customizable location-sharing settings. Users can now set their preferred working hours for GPS tracking within the app. Moreover, Manager and Admin users can set their location sharing to “Never,” offering greater control and peace of mind. This feature is especially vital today, where privacy and personal space are increasingly valued. Find out more in this knowledge base article.

Streamlined Call Logging for Non-SPOTIO Numbers
The update brings a much-needed feature for users making calls from non-SPOTIO numbers. Now, after completing a call from a native phone number, the SPOTIO app will automatically prompt users to log the call’s outcome. This seamless integration ensures that every interaction is recorded and tracked, enhancing the overall data quality and reliability. Find out more in this article.

Updated API Documentation: User-Friendly and Informative
SPOTIO’s commitment to user-friendliness extends to its API documentation. The latest update features improved, easy-to-understand customer-facing API documentation. This enhancement enables users, particularly those with technical expertise, to better integrate and utilize SPOTIO’s features with their existing systems. Click here to access.

Updated Compass Icon: Navigate with Ease
A small yet significant update is the addition of a new compass icon in the Mobile map view. This feature allows sales reps to quickly see the map’s orientation and easily re-orient it back to True North. Such navigational aids are invaluable for field reps, especially when navigating unfamiliar territories.

A New Chapter in Sales Enablement
SPOTIO’s latest release is more than an update; it represents a significant leap forward in sales enablement technology. With features like Native Solo Integration, enhanced Task Management, Activity Enhancements, and new Map Filter Options, SPOTIO continues to set the standard for sales engagement platforms. These enhancements are designed not only to streamline the sales process but also to provide a more integrated and user-friendly experience. As sales teams adapt to the evolving landscape, SPOTIO is a pivotal tool in their arsenal, ready to drive success and efficiency in every interaction.