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Door Hanger Marketing Response Rate

Results can range from 1% to 5% or more, but on a general basis, you can expect an average of 2% ROI (return on investment).

POP QUIZ! What is the industry average door hanger response rate? Would you say 7%…possibly 2%…maybe even 10%? Well, if you said between 1-3%, you are right on track! But, wait, that pretty much sucks, right? Depends on how you look at it.

Yes, the actual door hanger response rate is terribly low, but if you look at it in terms of ROI, one call back is better than none. Let’s say you spend 15¢ per door hanger and you get a 2% response rate. This means your investment per call is $7.50. Is a single call back worth $7.50 to any business? Ummm, heck yeah it is!

Diving a Little Deeper into the Door Hanger Response Rate

Diving a little deeper into increasing response rates of your door hangers, here’s 4 ways door hangers can help you with your door to door selling routine:

1. The power of touch.

People tend to respond more positively and more often to things that they can touch. Being able to hand something to someone at the door or leave it as your “calling card,” creates a higher level of trust with homeowners quicker than just speaking to them or if the door is not answered, walking away with nothing to show for it.

2. Conversation starters and small details.

A door hanger gives sales reps something to put into the hand of the potential customer at the door. This is an easy way to start a conversation and create a personal touch, while at the same time letting the homeowner know you are in their area and active with an established customer base.

If you properly work your assigned territory to 75% market penetration, then you will be knocking your area 4 to 5 times. This means potential customers will receive multiple branded door hangers with your contact information on them.

Take off the “sales hat” off for just a moment and put on a marketing lens for just a moment. Successful advertising takes repetition – how much depends on the customer and the product/service you are selling – but there is no difference here with the D2D selling world.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, marketing expert who formulated the “Rule of Seven,” believes that to penetrate a potential buyer’s consciousness and make adequate penetration within a specific market or territory in terms of door to door sales, each prospect must have contact with a sales rep a MINIMUM of seven times within an 18-month period. This will help increase door hanger response rate!

More touches more often = more exposure for your company

3. Show respect for time.

Everyone is busy…and I do mean everyone! Ask a complete stranger how they’re doing and the usual response is “I’m good, just so busy.” Eh, such is life!

A door hanger shows that you respect the homeowner’s time. It gives them a little bit of detailed information, just the right amount to learn about what you’re selling to pique their interest and motivate them to inquire about your product or service. However, this means the images, graphics and words chosen for the door hanger must be strategically thought out and placed.

Obviously, you should strive to be the “lightning” at the door, not an annoying little bug that flashes. Nope, not you! You are a powerful presence that brings forth results by showing people extreme value in your product or service so that they buy from you. A quick Google search of “power words in sales” yields thousands of lists of words to incorporate into your selling slang. The following word cloud captures 31 of these words:

(Advertising power word cloud: new, save, safety, safe, proven, love, discover, guaranteed, health, results, you, free, value, amazing, easy, included, proven, effective, powerful, premium, elite, inspire, because, instantly, revolutionary, limited, endorsed, certified, tested, save, now (31 total words))

4. Printed words = power.

It seems these days that if you are a published author, you are an expert, which automatically gives you instant credibility about the published topic(s). The same holds true for door hangers – published material = instant credibility.

A Unique (and Effective) Way to Use Door Hangers to Increase Your Response Rates

Some sales reps choose to use door hangers as a way of pre-engaging potential customers.

Consider this: In the early afternoon or early morning, make the rounds in your assigned territory and leave a door hanger on each home. Then, take some time to complete other tasks, such as running reports, working on your sales script, listen to some motivational podcasts…anything to stay productive.

Return to all the doors in which you left a door hanger and if it’s gone, then it is likely the homeowner is either home, at least saw and touched/interacted with your door hanger or both. Re-knock the door again and you automatically have a conversation starter to engage your potential in real-time conversation, while having some insight into your door hanger response rate.

Be sure to return tomorrow when we will discuss how to plan a successful door hanger campaign, complete with easy-to-follow steps and free resources.


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