How to Plan a Successful Door Hanger Campaign in 9 Easy Steps

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And, as promised, we’re back! If you haven’t read “Door Hanger Response Rates: Powerful Vintage Sales Tools,” I suggest you do. It talks about a unique and powerful way to use door hangers to pre-engage your potential customers before starting your door hanger campaign.

Okay, let’s jump right into planning a Successful Door Hanger Campaign!

Step 1: Define your goal(s).
Think about what you want to accomplish with your door hanger campaign. Do you want to generate at least a 3% response rate? Or, maybe your goal is to get 100 sales. Whatever your goal(s), keep these at the forefront of your door hanger campaign planning.

Step 2: Identify client’s pain points.
Know precisely your client’s needs and major problems, and how your service or product can help.

Step 3: Create a special offer and add a call to action.
Give your potential clients a reason to look forward to your next visit or a reason to call immediately! Offer a discount, a freebie or even an add-on to your product/service. Then, be sure to add an effective call to action to encourage potential customers to respond.

Here’s some examples of call to action statements to get your creative juices flowing:

“So, if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now.”

– Sales and Marketing Management Magazine

“There is no obligation attached to my offer. Please let me know if you accept by January 31.”

-Harpers Magazine

“Let’s do this ‘thang! Contact me immediately.”

-Spotio marketing department

“Use us for free for 2 months – it’s on us.”


“Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.”


Step 4: Tell a compelling story. Tell a complete story using “power words” (link to word cloud or add it here too) that convince the potential client that they NEED what you are selling to solve one or more of their major pain points.

Step 5: Choose images and graphics wisely. Make sure images and graphics complement your story. Using pictures that enhance your story and create a memorable picture in the client’s mind are key. And, the best part is, you don’t have to have a degree in graphic design to get this done!

If you’ve got 5 bucks, you can have a professionally made graphic that is ready to use in a variety of formats (Hint: .jpeg is the best format for door hangers) from a site called fiverr. It’s an online marketplace where you simply add a product, in this case a door hanger graphic, into a shopping cart with detailed instructions, and the work is done for you by a freelancer.

Pros and Cons of fiverr: What I like about fiverr is that as soon as you get to their site, just hover over “Graphics & Design” with your mouse and a list of different graphic options pops up. Choose one, and you’re on your way. Also, most services only cost $5, which is a huge win.

One of the biggest cons is that there’s not much room for negotiation, usually “what you see is what you get” in terms of the designer’s style and pricing, so be sure to take the time to research the best freelancer for your project.

Want to throw a few more dollars toward your design? There’s 99Designs. This site promises that “many” designers will pitch in and work “on spec” – meaning, without expectation of payment upfront.

You create what 99Designs refers to as a “contest” with a particular deadline. All designers who wish to participate put their work on a page where you can see. As you look through all the designs for your door hanger campaign, you choose the details that you like about each, which coaches the designer to make them more on target as to what you are looking for.

At the deadline, you choose the design that you like the most for your door hanger campaign. The designer is notified and you send payment information in exchange for the image.

Pros and Cons of 99Designs: I like the control that this site gives you in having the final say on your graphic, and it’s extremely valuable to be able to work directly with the designers throughout the creation process. The site claims to have 1.35M designers, so I’m fairly confident that your contest would get quite a few designs to choose from, and there is a 100% money back guarantee (WOW! Power words really DO work!)

The con? Pricing can be a bit high. Packages range from $349 to $1399 for a graphic or illustration.

If you would like to post your project as a job ad, look for freelancers, in the meantime, within a certain budget, chat with them and then possibly decide to hire, Upwork is for you. The site’s 4-step process makes it quick and easy to get started:

  1. Post: describe what you need in as much detail as possible.
  2. Hire: compare freelancers’ portfolios, work history and client feedback.
  3. Collaborate: online communication and follow your project’s progress in real time.
  4. Pay: only pay for the work you approve.

Pros and Cons of Upwork: I like how easy it is to search for freelancers, and using Upwork’s “advanced filters” feature as you search allows you to choose the details that are important to you when hiring a freelancer: pricing, location and language preference to name a few. Pricing is set by you within your post and freelancers also reveal their hourly rates in their profiles.

Door Hanger Campaign Pro Tip:

Whoever designs your graphics, it would be beneficial to have them design your whole door hanger. This way, you can simply get the file and upload it straight to the printer.

Step 6: Get multiple quotes from printers. Not all printers are created equal in quality OR pricing. Call around to get the best deal on door hanger printing costs. Here’s a few of suggestions to help get you started:

Vistaprint: This is a popular online printer of almost everything – business cards and door hangers to t-shirts and bags – and they typically have some sort of promo offered. For example, at the writing of this post, they are offering up to 33% off their whole site. This means door hangers, which typically start a $22 for 50 are just $16.49.

PsPrint: At the top of the site is a “Deals” tab. I clicked it and there are a ton of discounts being offered. I suspect that they continue to update this section. Oh, and guess what? They are offering 15% off door hangers until December 30, 2016! Looks like you can get 250 door hangers for $43.35!

Printingblue: This online printer offers custom quotes and live, online chat support, so, of course, I chatted them up! I wanted to make sure their FREE shipping and FREE design services were for all orders, and just as I suspected, they are! Their friendly customer service rep Alex told me so.

U Printing: With this online printer’s site, it’s super easy to configure your door hanger and upload your images directly onto the page. At the time of this writing, you can get 250 door hangers in 6 business days for $68.85 + shipping. They also have an option for you to receive a FREE proof, but their live chat feature is a bit of a pain – a form pops up requiring your name, email, phone number and reason for contacting them. (Alex was SO much easier to talk to…just saying!)

Pro Tip: If you choose to go with vistaprint or PsPrint, go to RetailMeNot, type their name in the search bar and click the red “search” button. A list of promo codes will come up that will save you some money! Just copy and paste the code into the shopping cart on vistaprint or PsPrint and the discount will be applied to your order, if it’s applicable.

Step 7: Order door hangers. Be sure to order door hangers ahead of time. Try to receive them a couple of weeks in advance, in case there are errors.

Step 8: Distribute door hangers. Consider using a pre-engagement technique for your door hanger campaign.

Step 9: Evaluate campaign results. To track a door hanger campaign, you can actually get a marketing phone number from companies such as DialogueTech. The phone calls will be tracked and recorded so you know the exact response rate.


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