Customer Story

My Smart House

Growing 15-20% through implementing SPOTIO

Change Impacted:
Since implementing SPOTIO, My-Smart House has grown 15-20%.
Key Integrations:

Customer Overview

My-SmartHouse is a company handling marketing for solar systems, home automation and energy efficient products. Their customers often start with a solar project, and then continue to work with My-Smart House for other things such as home remodeling, landscaping or other home projects.

The Challenge

Before working with SPOTIO, the company had their own “system” for tracking door to door sales — but it was decidedly non-technical. Staff members would take screenshots from GoogleMaps or screenshots of certain cities, and then mark the areas the team was canvassing. From the screenshot, the team members would use a piece of paper to mark where they’d been. The system worked OK, but it was not very efficient for tracking and monitoring progress.

Because their system did not synthesize data, the team didn’t know what kind of numbers they were getting, or which homes had people answer the door.

We’re saving, I would say, thousands and thousands of dollars just being able to be as efficient as we can.

Eric, MySmartHouse

How SPOTIO Helped

With no real tracking of data, it was clear that My-SmartHouse could greatly benefit by adding SPOTIO into their workflow. Now instead of a paper-based “tracking” system, the team gets real-time updates about where team members are located and what progress each team member is making. At the end of the day, the team’s progress is synthesized into a daily report. When there’s a need for a follow-up with a customer, the simple press of a button allows the management team to get that customer on the line.

The Results

The integration of SPOTIO technology has helped My-Smart House to save both time and money, giving the team several more hours a day, every day.

“We’ve grown probably about 15-20% since we’ve started using SPOTIO, which has been really good. We’re actually building a second team as we speak, and we just hired on a canvassing manager to manage both the teams,” Eric says. “So SPOTIO’s going to help out tremendously with it, especially as a manager goes.”

We’ve grown probably about 15-20% since we’ve started using SPOTIO, which has been really good.