Sales Rep Tracking App

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Sales Rep Tracking App

Sales Rep Tracking App by SPOTIO

Improve the sales, accountability and productivity of your field sales team by tracking them with SPOTIO, the ground-breaking app for field sales reps.

Where Your Reps at the Pin?

SPOTIO enables powerful sales rep tracking to keep you in real-time with your sales team out in the field. SPOTIO’s location verification tool tags each reps’ location as pins are dropped and either: Verified – tracks the sales rep within a 300 foot (100 yard) radius of the address of a dropped pins; OR Un-Verified – sales rep was not tracked within the 300 foot radius.

Get into the Sales Rep Tracking Game

What does “dropping pins” mean for sales rep tracking? How about real-time knowledge of:

  • Location – track sales reps to know if they are where they’re say they are.
  • Status – know the result of interaction or non-interaction with customer.
  • User – identify specific email address of sales rep.
  • Date and time stamped data – know the exact day and time a pin is dropped.
  • Map It – see exactly where a pin was dropped in relation to where the rep’s device was pinged.


GPS Sales Rep Tracking Made Easy

With the push of the “Find My Team” button on the SPOTIO mobile or web app you will see the exact position of where your sales rep is.  With an update every 2 minutes or when they perform an activity in the app this information is always up to date.


You’ll see their avatar on the map.  Your sales rep can set the days and times of their work schedule inside their mobile app which allows for this feature to work and also protects their privacy when they’re off the clock.


What Level is Right for Your Team?

Basic Rep Accountability gives you the Location Verification on every pin that is created or updated in SPOTIO.  This data is tracked historically and always available for you.


Advanced Rep Accountability in addition to the Basic, advanced let’s you use the Find My Team option to see in real time where your individual reps are located.


Start Tracking Your Sales Reps with SPOTIO

Tracking your sales reps with SPOTIO makes your job easier! Imagine time in your schedule to plan which territories to hit next, effectively schedule your sales team and strategize for future successes.

See a demo of SPOTIO to learn how it will fully empower you to hold your reps accountable without being overly controlling and know for a fact that your reps were at the desired location.

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