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What is Rillavoice
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What is Rillavoice?

For field sales, one-on-one coaching is extremely beneficial for developing high-performing team members. However, face-to-face training and ride alongs are incredibly manual, time consuming, and not scalable for large distributed workforces.

Rillavoice solves this problem. It records, transcribes, and analyzes every sales conversation using AI. Rillavoice was purpose-built to give field sales managers visibility on every sales conversation and allow them to give feedback to any rep at any time – faster and easier than ever before.


The Results Speak for Themselves

Benefits - 85% Less Time Spent Training
Benefits - 30x Increase in Reviewed Visits
Benefits - Same-Day or Next-Day Feedback
Benefits - 2x Improved Conversion Rated


SPOTIO + Rillavoice for In-Person Conversations

Once connected with SPOTIO, Rillavoice provides a user-friendly “always-on” experience that integrates naturally and seamlessly with the way your sales teams operate.

1. Activate

At the beginning of their shift, reps would activate the Rillavoice mobile app, and leave it on recording in the background for the entire day.

2. Arrive at Appointment

Reps leave Rillavoice recording in the background, and then go about their day as usual. They mark their visits on SPOTIO as usual.

3. Conversations Matched to Visits

Using SPOTIO location data, Rillavoice will automatically tag recording clips to the appropriate meetings and derive the outcome based on visit results.

4. Analysis and Insights

Rillavoice analysis finds patterns to  lead to positive or negative outcomes. Insights are gathered and shared with managers and reps for further review and coaching.

Ready to Find out More?

The native API integration with Rillavoice is currently available for all SPOTIO customers.

To see if Rillavoice is a good fit for your team, click here to set up an appointment with a SPOTIO product specialist and Rillavoice team member.

Click here to get started or contact a SPOTIO representative at 1-866-212-1250 or [email protected]