Microsoft Dynamics

Connect SPOTIO as Your Field Sales Engagement Solution to Microsoft Dynamics


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

The Problem

Microsoft Dynamics provides sales teams with one of the most robust CRM’s in the market. As a full suite CRM, many companies customize it to meet their needs and mirror their sales motions. The problem lies when we ask field sales reps to use this complex CRM in the field as it was never designed to fit their motions. As a CRM, Microsoft Dynamics is a system of record with many powerful applications when the proper data is in the system. However, it’s not a system of action for field sales reps.

The Solution

As the only field sales engagement platform, SPOTIO integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, automatically capturing sales activity, boosting rep productivity, and providing companies with a complete picture of their field sales data. By bolting on a field-friendly mobile app to the robust capabilities of a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics, companies can leverage the two systems and elevate their return on investment — resulting in actionable insights, happier reps, and increased sales performance.

Integrations available

  • Zapier
  • Open API
  • Native (coming soon)