Interview with James Festini: SPOTIO for Real Estate Door Knocking

Interview with James Festini: SPOTIO for Real Estate Door Knocking

Not coming from a real estate background I never knew that realtors knocked doors to generate leads.

So I was surprised to see hundreds if not thousands of real estate agents download our app to track their door to door prospecting activities.

One of the first people I spoke with when I started calling agents to get their feedback on the app was James Festini.

James Festini’s feedback on SPOTIO’s Door Knocking CRM for Real Estate Agents

James is a top producing real estate agent with Century 21 and also operates a blog called Your First Day in Real Estate

(For all of those in real estate looking for tips I recommend checking it out)

He provided great insight into how agents knock doors and why and I was able to get a much better picture of what this customer base needed from SPOTIO.

Not too long ago I was interviewed by James on his pod cast about SPOTIO and we went over some questions he had and how to use the app.

Check out that interview below:


Over the past few months having spoken with a few dozen realtors including some that generate a majority of their business by going door to door I was blown away that an agent whom is good at door knocking can get 1 solid lead by knocking 25 doors.  I know next to nothing about selling real estate but I’m pretty sure that if I get 4 leads one of them is going to close and boom, I just found the magic number of doors I would knock a day.  100.

To find out more about how SPOTIO the #1 mobile CRM app is being used by real estate professionals all over the world feel free to reach out to us at 866-212-1250 or

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