14 Best Sales Podcasts for Inside and Outside Reps

Best Sales Podcasts
Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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You’re a field sales rep, so you spend a lot of time on the road, traveling from one prospect to the next. The question is, do you spend this time wisely? The best sales podcasts will help make sure you do.

Podcasts have been around for nearly two decades, but they’ve only become popular in the last few years. How popular? There are now 100 million podcast listeners in the US alone.

Some of these podcasts will teach you how to drum up more leads, build deeper, more meaningful relationships with prospects, and, ultimately, close more deals.

Of course, not every sales podcast is created equal. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best sales podcasts of 2023 for you. Let’s take a look…


14 Best Sales Podcasts

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in sales or whether you sell B2B or B2B. There is definitely a podcast out there to help you sharpen your skills. Here are 14 of the best ones:


The Inside Scoop on Outside Sales

The Inside Scoop on Outside Sales is your go-to resource for all things field sales.

Tune in as SPOTIO’s CEO, Trey Gibson, interviews industry experts from both new and established companies and extracts vital insights you need to improve your field sales game.

While many podcasts talk about sales in a general sense, few focus on outside sales specifically, making this podcast a must-listen-to resource for all field sales pros.

Suggested episodes:

  • Strategies for High-Performing Field Sales Teams
  • Let’s Master Mental Toughness in Sales w/ Chris Pierce
  • The Art of Non-Confrontational Sales w/ Babe Kilgore


Sales Gravy

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you may recognize the name Jeb Blount.

Jeb is a renowned sales consultant and author with an excellent podcast called Sales Gravy. In it, Jeb offers straightforward advice and motivation to sales reps.

Want to learn how to hone your negotiation skills? How about overcoming the fear of rejection? You may need better information related to closing. Sales Gravy has it.

Suggested episodes:

  • When They Say No: How to Reframe Rejection and Win
  • The Five Questions You Should Be Asking on Every Discovery Call
  • How to Get Meetings With Hard-to-Reach Prospects


Conversations with Women in Sales

The Conversations With Women in Sales podcast offers inspirational stories to help women succeed in the sales industry. (The advice is so good, though, anyone can benefit from it.)

Episodes were hosted by Barb Giamanco until her passing in 2020. Lori Richardson has since taken up the mantle in order to highlight the journeys, challenges, and victories of women in this traditionally male-dominated field. Listen for both motivation and practical advice.

Suggested episodes:

  • Traits and Qualities of a Sales Leader, Radhika Shukla
  • When Knowledge is Shared, Everyone Wins, Heidi Messer
  • The Grass Isn’t Always Greener, Katie Walsh, HubSpot


Make It Happen Mondays

Hosted by B2B sales expert John Barrows, the Make It Happen Mondays podcast emphasizes practical sales advice that you can implement into your career immediately.

Each episode covers a unique aspect of sales, from cold-calling strategies to effective time management. Even better, John usually hosts a guest, which means you’ll get top tips from not one, but two industry veterans that you can use to level up your sales skills.

Suggested episodes:

  • Jeremy Chen – The Art of Cold Calling: Tactics For Success
  • Jamie Diglio – Embracing Your Superpowers in the Age of AI
  • Rhonda Petit – The Link Between Authenticity and Success


Sell Or Die

Best-selling author Jeffrey Gitomer and recognized sales expert Jennifer Gluckow team up for this insightful podcast to chat about the art and science of sales.

Listen to Sell or Die for entertaining interviews with top sales professionals in the industry and cutting-edge knowledge you can use to better motivate your sales team, improve customer relationships, boost sales performance, and otherwise achieve more success in your career.

Suggested episodes:

  • Creating Profitable Relationships w/ Dov Gordon
  • The Three Sales Mindsets: The Groove, The Rut, and The Grave
  • How to Leverage Tech and Build a Seven-Figure Sales Organization


Sales Pipeline Radio

Hosted by Matt Heinz, the Sales Pipeline Radio podcast features a wide range of guest experts who discuss a variety of sales and marketing-related topics.

This resource is one of the best sales podcasts of 2023 because it offers a unique blend of actionable strategies, thought leadership, and real-world stories—all of which will help you build and maintain a healthy sales pipeline. Listen to take your career to new heights.

Suggested episodes:

  • How vs. Who: Why Relationships Still Matter in the Age of AI
  • How to Build Empathy as Your Sales and Marketing Superpower
  • Leading Your Sales Team in Times of Change


Sales Hacker Podcast

Sales Hacker is considered to be the world’s largest community for B2B sellers. So it’s not surprising to learn that the organization also publishes a stellar bi-monthly podcast.

The Sales Hacker Podcast is hosted by Sam Jacobs, who interviews notable sales professionals and thought leaders and dissects their tactics and strategies. Listeners can expect to learn the hacks, tips, and tricks that the best in the business use to close deals.

Suggested episodes:

  • Boosting Sales Performance: Unearthing the Potential of Women in Sales with Lauren Bailey
  • A Holistic Approach to Compensation Structuring with Scott Barton
  • The Elements of a Great Sales Manager with Todd Caponi


Advanced Selling Podcast

Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey host the “longest-running sales podcast in podcast history.”

Listen to the Advanced Selling Podcast for valuable advice on B2B sales topics, like building client relationships, closing deals, maintaining sales momentum, and more.

Also worth mentioning, this podcast has an app that will help you access bonus content and give you the ability to ask the hosts questions. The episodes alone would have made this one of the best sales training podcasts, but the app really pushes it over the top!

Suggested episodes:

  • The Best Sales Advice Bill And Bryan Have Ever Received
  • Who’s Selling Whom?
  • Are You Winging Your Sales Process?


The Sales Evangelist

Next up, The Sales Evangelist.

In this podcast, host and B2B sales pro, Donald Kelly, shares his insights and interviews sales experts while focusing on specific topics that relate to sales training and development.

It’s a practical guide for anyone who wants to evangelize their product effectively, which is why we’re happy to add it to our list of best sales podcasts.

Suggested episodes:

  • How to Engage Economic Buyers and Get Them to Talk
  • How to Think, Act, and Perform Like the Top 1% Earners
  • Upskilling New Team Members For Better Results


Selling Made Simple

Selling Made Simple, formerly known as The Salesman Podcast, is hosted by Will Barron and aims to demystify the B2B sales process for its hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners.

Mr. Barron covers everything from sales psychology to developing the best sales techniques, providing insights to both new and seasoned sales professionals alike. And Mr. Barron’s guests range from sales experts to FBI agents to ivy league professors.

Suggested episodes:

  • Using Referrals to Build Your Pipeline FAST
  • Upselling: The Quickest Way to Smash Sales Targets
  • Social Lead Generation (What is Working in 2023)


The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is one of those serial entrepreneurs—he’s founded 20+ companies!

His podcast, aptly named The James Altucher Show, has been around since 2014, has millions of regular listeners, and has been downloaded more than 40 million times.

What makes this resource one of the best podcasts for sales professionals is the fact that it doesn’t just focus on sales. Instead, James has thought-provoking conversations with various experts and entrepreneurs, providing valuable insights you can use to sell more.

Suggested episodes:

  • How to Read People (And a Room) With Precision
  • You Don’t Get What You Deserve. You Get What You Negotiate
  • You Could Be Much More Persuasive


The Modern Selling Podcast

Join host Mario Martinez Jr., a noted sales expert and founder and CEO of Vengreso, as he explores the intersection of sales and technology in The Modern Selling Podcast.

This podcast is designed for all sales professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve in the modern digital sales landscape. But it’s especially pertinent to entry-level reps who are just learning the ropes. Wherever you are in your sales journey, you’ll enjoy this sales podcast.

Suggested episodes:

  • 7 Effective Selling Techniques for Sales Success
  • Sales Leadership: Inspiring Teams and Driving Results
  • Unleashing the Power of AI for Sales w/ Oleg Bilozer


Self Helpful

This podcast, hosted by Kevin Miller, used to be called The Ziglar Show and helped listeners apply legendary author, sales coach, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar’s principles.

Now it’s called Self Helpful, but the goal is still the same: educate and inspire. Listen to learn personal development strategies and how they can impact your sales success. This is definitely one of the best podcasts for sales leaders and reps. Don’t skip it!

Suggested episodes:

  • How to Be Authentically You and Still Respect Others
  • Your Work and Why to Remember Your Why Over Your What


The Win Rate Podcast

Last but not least, we have The Win Rate Podcast, a noteworthy resource that’s hosted by Andy Paul and features a panel of industry experts to help listeners succeed in sales.

This brand-new podcast tackles topics related to your company’s pipeline and how you can close more deals tomorrow than you did today. It’s beneficial for B2B sellers.

Suggested episodes:

  • How to Shift Sales Manager Focus from Top of Funnel to Winning More Deals
  • Buyer’s Experience Is The Key to Decision Making and Boosting Win Rate


Which Sales Podcast Are You Going To Listen To?

The best sales podcasts will teach you new tactics, implement proven strategies, and improve your professional salesperson skills. You just have to listen to them.

Fortunately, after reading this article, you know which podcasts are worth your time.

We encourage you to download a few episodes from each recommendation. Then listen to them on your commute to work, while you travel between prospects, as you make dinner at home—whenever you can spare time for your professional development.

And remember, if you’re in field sales, The Inside Scoop on Outside Sales, a SPOTIO podcast, is the resource you need. Start listening today for game-changing advice!