11 Best Sales Performance Management Software

Sales Performance Management Software
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See how SPOTIO can increase your team's sales performance by automating, tracking, and optimizing every moment in the field.

If you’re a sales manager, you must dedicate yourself to sales performance management. Fortunately, there are a bunch of solutions you can use to make the process easier!

We’ll share 11 of them with you in this article. But before you do, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. As we’ve discussed, sales performance management is “A data-driven approach to planning, managing, and analyzing your company’s sales performance.”

Once you invest in one of the sales performance management software below, you’ll increase team productivity, shrink sales cycles, boost company revenue, forecast future results with greater accuracy, and much more. You just need to choose the right tool…


What To Look For In Sales Performance Management Software

Every sales performance management tool is different. To make sure you choose the right app for your sales team, make sure it has most (if not all!) of the following features:

Sales Rep Tracking: Where are your sales reps right now? This feature is essential for field sales teams, whose reps spend a significant portion of their time outside of company offices. When you know where they go, you can better assess their performance and decide if they need more training or need to work harder.

Compensation Management: How are your reps compensated for their time and effort? Some sales performance management solutions will help you design a compensation system that makes managing and paying your reps easy. Some of them allow reps to track their own progress towards their sales goals, too.

Sales Quota Management: What targets do your sales reps need to hit on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis? Sales performance management software can help you gather relevant data from multiple sources and track sales quotas more accurately.

Sales Territory Management: Which territories have you assigned to each of your sales reps? And how are they all performing? Choose a sales performance platform that you can use to cut, assign, and track individual territories. That way, you always know which is generating revenue and which ones need more attention.

Process Automation: What can you do to streamline sales processes for your team? There’s an easy answer. Invest in a sales performance management tool that includes automation features. Doing so will help you keep track of leads and ensure none of them fall through the cracks. When this happens, company revenue will rise.

Gamification Tools: How do you get your sales reps to do more? There are multiple techniques that can help with this, but few of them are as effective as gamification. Simple things like leaderboards can create friendly competition between reps and can help them work harder to accomplish departmental goals.

Detailed Analytics: Lastly, the best sales performance management software includes various analytics dashboards. Once you have access to them, you can dig into the data and make informed decisions that lead to better outcomes. You can also back up your decision-making processes to company leaders.

AI and Automation: Crucial for enhancing sales performance, these tools automate routine tasks, offer predictive analytics, and provide strategic insights. They ensure accurate forecasting, efficient lead scoring, and targeted segmentation. Opt for software with AI and automation to streamline workflows and improve decision-making.


11 Best Sales Performance Management Tools

Now that you know what to look for in a sales performance platform, we can look at specific solutions that include these features. Here are eleven top options to get you started:



G2 rating: 4.4 stars / 288 reviews

Best for: Field sales performance management

If you’re in field sales, take a serious look at SPOTIO, which was specifically designed to meet your unique needs. This sales performance management tool has a score of features that outside sales managers can use to push their teams forward. Some of these features include:

Key features:

  • Track rep locations in real time, so you always know where they are in the field.
  • Cut territories based on geographical boundaries or by drawing on a digital map.
  • Easily assign the territories you cut to the most qualified reps in your department.
  • Automatically capture data in the field and automate communication with prospects.
  • Create leaderboards to track progress and create friendly competition between reps.
  • Track sales data for each rep on your team, then use it to accurately forecast sales.
  • Craft detailed sales reports that only include the KPIs that matter to your department.
  • Integrate SPOTO with a ton of other tools, such as Salesforce, Gmail, and Zapier.
  • Powerful AI and automation tools that you can use to increase your team’s productivity levels and close rates.


What users are saying:

“The ability to help coordinate where everyone is going, who has been where, and to be able to see it manifest in a GPS map is very useful for team management.”Kevin K. | G2 Reviewer

“I like the way I can track my employee’s time in the field and see real-time results. Additionally, I like the ease of use for my in-the-field agents. Quick and simple training time turnarounds. Easy enough that some of my older, non-technical employees quickly understood how to use the software.”Troy D. | G2 Reviewer


Salesforce Sales Cloud

G2 rating: 4.3 stars / 18,251 reviews

Best for: Enterprise sales performance management

Salesforce is one of the biggest names in business software, helping sales, marketing, and customer service teams reach new heights with an in-depth feature set. It can be tricky to use—not to mention expensive. But it’s a great option for large companies that have the time and financial resources to invest in it. If that’s you, you’ll be able to:


Key features:

  • Easily align your targets, budgets, and headcount for more efficient sales planning.
  • Access automation and AI features to streamline sales processes for your team.
  • Use enablement tools to ensure your reps have the necessary training and resources.
  • Get the necessary analytics to gauge sales performance and forecast future results.
  • Integrate Salesforce with many other tools, including top gamification apps.


What users are saying:

“It provides a wide range of features and functionality for Sales Teams for lead and opportunity management, sales automation, analytics and allows organizations to manage their entire sales process in one platform.” – Rani J. | G2 Reviewer

“I love that Salesforce is so customizable. I can mold the system into pretty much whatever we need as an organization. I also love that Salesforce is always on the forefront of new technology and system enhancements.” – Jaime B. | G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.8 stars / 1,328 reviews

Best for: Streamlining Salesforce pipelines

Scratchpad was designed to help you combine all the apps you use daily—Notes, Docs, Sheets, Salesforce, etc—into one intuitive sales system. That way, you can manage sales performance with greater efficiency. It does this by helping you:


Key features:

  • Track your sales pipeline with various views, such as grids and Kanban boards.
  • Help your sales team work more productively with multiple no-code automations.
  • Analyze positive and negative changes to every deal to increase team close rates.
  • Forecast future deals with confidence, thanks to detailed KPIs and a simple interface.
  • Integrate with Salesforce so your sales performance platform and CRM are aligned.


What users are saying:

“Scratchpad dramatically accelerates the time it takes for me to do anything Salesforce, pipeline, or account management related. I helped champion bringing it into my last organization and have been a huge fan ever since, so I was excited when I learned that my current company had already adopted it.” – Clayton B. | G2 Reviewer

“I am in it daily to do my updates and review my existing pipeline. The fact that it is seamless no matter what website or application I’m in makes it crucial to my daily workflow.” – Mark V. | G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.7 stars / 79 reviews

Best for: Maintaining good Salesforce hygiene

Next up is Weflow, a sales performance management tool built to increase your ability to coach reps, manage pipeline, and generate forecasts—as long as you use Salesforce. Sign up for Weflow and get access to an impressive feature set that includes solutions to:


Key features:

  • Automatically track sales rep activity to ensure your team is up to snuff.
  • Quickly spot and fix revenue risks before they hurt your company’s bottom line.
  • Create leaderboards to motivate your team and help them hit quota consistently.
  • Analyze team benchmarks, then use the data to coach reps to greater success.
  • Generate pipeline and sales forecast reports that are accurate 92% of the time.
  • Sync to Salesforce so Weflow data is automatically sent to your CRM of choice.


What users are saying:

“WeFlow is an exceptional workflow companion that has significantly streamlined my daily tasks and boosted my productivity. From its intuitive interface to its powerful features, WeFlow has quickly become an essential tool in my digital arsenal.” Timon E. | G2 Reviewer

“Weflow absolutely has added value in that it brings a cleaner UX to all things Pipeline management. A more modern, sleek, UI with tabular list views is helpful.”Pablo G. | G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.5 stars / 3,738

Best for: Empowering sales teams with AI

SalesLoft bills itself as the “first AI-powered revenue workflow platform.” What does that mean? In a nutshell, Salesloft helps sales teams build sales sequences, have better conversations with prospects, close more deals, and forecast future results more accurately using artificial intelligence.


Key features:

  • Craft winning sales sequences and connect with buyers on multiple channels.
  • Get to know your customers better with native conversation intelligence tech.
  • Analyze your pipeline and view deal health metrics to help make more sales.
  • Combine AI and human insight to forecast future sales with greater accuracy.


What users are saying:

“It offers me workflow management capabilities so that my sales staff and I can keep track of and manage our activity.” – Ralph Christian C. | G2 Reviewer

“SalesLoft has proven to be an indispensable tool for modern sales teams, enabling them to streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and drive revenue growth.” – Rowel C. | G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.6 stars / 580 reviews

Best for: Motivating sales reps through gamification

This sales performance management software is all about results. Use the platform’s gamification features to engage, motivate, and inspire your team. Once you do, you’ll start to see more success. At least, that’s what big companies like Coca-Cola and Cisco have found.


Key features:

  • Gamify your sales workflow by awarding points, badges, and level-ups to your team.
  • Take things a step further and design engaging sales competitions to motivate reps.
  • Track the metrics that matter to your department so you can achieve goals more often.
  • Use the insights you glean from Spinify to build better sales coaching programs.
  • Recognize employee achievements with celebration songs, virtual gongs, and more.
  • Integrate Spinify with top sales tools like Salesforce, Slack, Excel, and Zapier.


What users are saying:

“My company decided to use Spinify to help increase motivation and add some fun to our different sales teams, and we are not disappointed so far!” – Tayler J. | G2 Reviewer

“Love the public accountability, rewards and recognition and combined tracking towards greater business goals. A real culture piece.” – Glen K. | G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.2 stars / 417 reviews

Best for: Intuitive compensation management

With Xactly, sales leaders can easily manage their team’s pipelines and generate forecasts using the solution’s built-in AI and detailed reporting features. It’s also one of the few sales performance platforms on this list, including compensation management features.


Key features:

  • Monitor pipeline health and forecast future sales with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Align rep behavior with revenue goals through intuitive compensation management.
  • Access automated capacity and quota planning features to keep your reps happy.
  • View sales-related data, from industry benchmarks to individual rep performance.


What users are saying:

“It is easy to navigate. I like the user interface, which is simple and effective.” – Dale D. | G2 Reviewer

“Versioning of people, position, quota, etc. is one of the most awesome features that Xactly has.” – Alok T. | G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.5 stars / 441 reviews

Best for: Creating effective sales plans

Varicent is one of the best sales performance management software because it helps users optimize revenue, drive growth, and increase efficiency. It does this via user-friendly features:


Key features:

  • Design a complete go-to-market strategy and monitor its performance over time.
  • Use data and AI-driven analytics to compensate your reps more strategically.
  • Receive insights to help you determine why reps miss quota and how to fix it.
  • Generate accurate sales forecasts that strengthen your decision-making processes.
  • Integrate Varicent with many other popular tools, such as Salesforce and HubSpot.


What users are saying:

“Varicent is a very intuitive software program. I am able to administer the program with minimal IT experience and minimal coding… It’s highly customizable, and the customer support is excellent.” – Verified G2 Reviewer

“Varicent is a very powerful sales incentive tool with a lot of flexibility and robust customer support that is committed to customer success.” – Verified G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.7 stars / 2,609 reviews

Best for: A trustworthy way to track comp plans

If you value transparency, you’ll love this next sales performance management solution, which was made to increase trust between companies and their sales reps. With Spiff, you can quickly build and manage compensation plans that motivate sellers to achieve more.


Key features:

  • Create modern compensation plans in minutes, not days or even hours.
  • Allow reps to access real-time information on their payments via mobile app.
  • Handle contracts, signatures, and storage from one convenient location.
  • Access detailed analytics to improve your compensation plans when needed.
  • Integrate with top CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and SugarCRM.


What users are saying:

“I really like how simple it is to use. There have been other commission trackers I have used in my sales career and I feel that Spiff has been my most favorite one so far…” – Kostner O. | G2 Reviewer

“As a leader, I have an easy-to-use portal that tells me where everyone stands in their payouts/commissions over the course of the year at any point. It gives me an opportunity to leverage that data to continue to motivate certain individuals or take actions on others. It really is the most simple and straightforward tool for commission payout and planning I have used thus far.” – Usman G. | G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.6 stars / 557 reviews

Best for: Boosting productivity for enterprise-level sales teams

Built with enterprise companies in mind, Ambition has the feature set your department needs to improve its sales coaching processes, track individual rep performance, and achieve goals.


Key features:

  • Develop and document in-depth employee training programs for each of your reps.
  • Set goals, track performance, and automatically visualize your reps’ progress.
  • Motivate reps via leaderboards, team competitions, and customizable rewards.
  • Connect Ambition to your favorite tools, like Salesforce, Seismic, and Slack.


What users are saying:

“It is really helpful to have one dashboard to look at for both personal and team metrics. It helps me pace out my day and also keep track of important KPIs for myself and my team.” – Matt K. | G2 Reviewer

“My favorite thing about Ambition is the competition element that is included in its functionality. This provides the team with extra motivation to drive results.” – Louie K | G2 Reviewer



G2 rating: 4.7 stars / 172 reviews

Best for: Simplifying your compensation strategy

Last but not least, we have QuotaPath. This sales performance management software will help you build and manage an effective sales compensation plan for your department. It will also give you tools to motivate your reps and coach them to new levels of success.


Key features:

  • Build effective compensation plans that any employee can easily understand.
  • Integrate QuotaPath with your CRM to track sales commissions with total accuracy.
  • Access performance insights to understand how well your comp plan motivates reps.
  • Create “rep views” to show reps how their efforts translate to money in their pockets.
  • Display leaderboards to help motivate your sales department to greater performance.
  • Dig into metrics for each rep on your team to develop personalized coaching plans.


What users are saying:

“I love how easy the UI is for me in Admin, and for the reps. The commissions forecasting capabilities of QuotaPath has made a tangible difference in our reps’ success. Being able to see what they can earn on every deal they are engaged in motivates them to make those forecasts a reality.” – Jacob L. | G2 Reviewer

“I love how simple it is to see everything. The way our various attainment goals are broken down and there’s a different % to basically every deal, I’d have close to zero chance of tracking this manually.” – Simon P. | G2 Reviewer


Our Selection Criteria

Wondering how we chose the sales performance management tools above? It’s simple. We evaluated every app on the market to see how they performed in four key areas:

  • General functionality: Does the app work for modern sales teams? Some platforms talk a big game but don’t simplify user performance management. We wanted to avoid these tools and only highlight practical solutions.
  • Unique features: Does the app bring anything new to the table? The best sales performance management software has unique features that set them apart.
  • Integrations: Does that app connect to other tools your sales team uses regularly? There’s no one-stop-shop tool. That’s why every sales performance platform above has a strong list of integration partners you can connect to if/when needed.
  • User reviews: Finally, do other people enjoy using the app? General functionality, unique features, and integration partners don’t matter if the tool in question is a pain to use. Always look for sales software that is loved and appreciated by its customer base.


Which SPM Software Are You Going To Try?

There you have it, 11 sales performance management tools for you to experiment with.

We suggest researching each one in more detail. If possible, sign up for a couple of free trials, too. That way, you can properly assess the SPM solutions you’re most interested in.

Or, if you manage a field sales team, make things easy on yourself and just go with SPOTIO. Our platform was designed to meet your needs. As such, it includes all the features you could ever want to track, manage, and improve rep performance and achieve better results.

Sign up for a free demo of SPOTIO today to see our solution in action!