11 Best Sales Enablement Apps (By Use Case)

Sales enablement apps
Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

Modern sales is a group effort.

Even the best, most naturally gifted sellers have managers who help them design and implement sales strategies. Or, at the very least, use top-rated software tools.

One tool that every sales professional should use is a sales enablement app.

This article will explain what sales enablement apps are, why they’re so valuable, the different kinds available to you, and the best options on the market.


What is a Sales Enablement App, and Why Are They So Valuable?

It’s pretty simple: a sales enablement app is any software platform that helps sales reps implement their sales process and close more deals.

Different sales enablement apps do this in different ways. Some include CRM functionality. Others are loaded with content distribution tools. Still, others have built-in automation and sales tracking features. And some do all of the above.

No matter what, the best sales enablement apps always help reps manage their sales pipelines in some way, boost individual productivity, and generate more sales than before. Because of this, sales enablement apps are incredibly beneficial.


There Are Different Types of Sales Enablement Apps

Different sales enablement apps do different things. However, most apps fall into one of four categories. Let’s take a closer look at each category now:


Sales Engagement

Apps in this category help reps communicate with potential customers. Many times they include dialers so that reps can call prospects more efficiently, email sequencers so that reps can automate their email communications, and/or social media outreach tools to connect with prospects on sites like LinkedIn.


Sales Content Management

Apps in this category help reps organize the content at their disposal, such as blog posts, case studies, white papers and ebooks, and video clips. That way, they can send prospects the information they need right when they need it. Sales content management tools are usually used to help sell complicated products and/or services. The ability to easily distribute content can really simplify this process.


Sales Intelligence

As you would expect, apps in this category give reps deeper insights into their sales processes. Want to know more about your target market’s preferences? Or how they respond to specific tactics? A sales intelligence platform will tell you. These apps are generally used in a B2B context to supercharge outreach efforts.


Sales intent

Apps in this category are typically used for lead-generation purposes. Sellers invest in them to learn more about potential buyers, such as what their roles are and how to contact them. This kind of info helps reps connect with qualified prospects.


The 11 Best Sales Enablement Apps

A sales enablement app will help your reps. The question is, which one should you choose for your team? Here are the 11 best sales enablement apps in 2023:




Best for: Training your sales team

G2 Rating: 4.4 stars / 557 reviews

Looking to onboard and train new sales reps? Consider investing in Brainshark. This sales enablement platform is designed to help sales departments create and distribute training materials to new reps, assess rep skill levels, and coach reps to greater success—all from a single platform that’s easy to use.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Content distribution: Easily see which sales training materials you have access to. Then send the content to the reps that need it most.
  • Onboarding and training: Create formal courses for new reps to complete. Then let Brainshark send you a readiness scorecard to assess their progress.
  • Sales coaching features: Take your sales coaching efforts to the next level with the power of AI. Ask your reps to record themselves delivering sales presentations. Then let Brainshark evaluate each video and give suggestions.
  • Detailed sales reporting: With Brainshark, sales managers can get in-depth information regarding the effectiveness of their sales strategies.



Reply.io home page

Best for: LinkedIn prospecting

G2 Rating: 4.6 stars / 1,058 reviews

Reply is an AI-powered sales engagement platform that includes a B2B company and contacts database, multichannel communication functionality, and detailed sales analysis tools. It’s especially useful for lead generation purposes.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Find Leads: Use the Reply browser extension to source new leads for your business while you peruse LinkedIn. Just find a potential customer, fire up Reply, and let the tool find the person’s phone number and email for you.
  • Communicate with prospects: Once you find a few leads, you can use Reply to contact them. Schedule calls, build automated email and text sequences, and send Whatsapp messages. You can even A/B test different approaches.
  • Analyze your sales performance: Reply is also equipped with a fairly detailed analytics suite. Quickly learn which outreach strategies generate the most meetings. The app includes a call recording and evaluation tool, too.



Best for: Boosting rep performance

G2 Rating: 4.4 stars / 274 reviews

LevelEleven was created to help you elevate your sales team. Use the platform’s unique feature set to ensure your reps reach their full potential in less time.

(Note: LevelEleven is designed to work alongside Salesforce. If your department uses a different CRM, you might not be able to use this sales enablement app.)

Key sales enablement features:

  • Sales contests: Motivate your reps to achieve more. With LevelEleven, you can easily create sales contents using a variety of gamification tools.
  • Performance scorecards: Help your reps understand which sales behaviors drive positive results. Then use real-time KPIs to bolster your analysis.
  • Customized sales coaching: Access the information you need to coach your reps effectively. With LevelEleven you can view the metrics that matter most to your department. You can then easily convey vital information to reps.



Best for: AI-powered sales suggestions

G2 Rating: 4.5 stars / 2,852 reviews

Chorus, a ZoomInfo product, is one of the most popular sales intelligence tools on the market. Use it to record and analyze sales calls, get AI-powered suggestions regarding follow-up, and access valuable data points to boost your coaching skills.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Record sales calls: With Chorus, your reps won’t have to worry about taking notes during sales calls. The app will automatically capture conversations, then analyze them to extract valuable insights and improve your sales.
  • View customer relationships: Learn which prospect relationships drive the most revenue and why. You can then use this information to train your reps to close deals more consistently. Speaking of rep training…
  • Coach your reps to success: Help your reps sharpen their skills by giving them access to a library of your team’s best calls. Chorus will also send you automatic coaching suggestions when it discovers detrimental behaviors.




Best for: Content distribution

G2 Rating: 4.7 stars / 1,320 reviews

With Seismic, your sales team will always have access to the content it needs. Use this tool to deliver training to new reps. Or to equip experienced sellers with blogs, case studies, white papers, etc., they need to close more deals than before.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Rep training: Create personalized onboarding programs to get new reps up to speed. Then use the same tools to deliver just in time training to existing reps, boosting their confidence and helping them make more sales.
  • Content management: Make sure your reps can always access the materials they need to close deals. Seismic makes it easy to find and send content.
  • Artificial intelligence: Your library is full of top-quality content. But which blogs and ebooks should you use right now to progress sales? Seismic’s AI will give you targeted, in-app recommendations to answer that question.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Best for: Enterprise organizations

G2 Rating: 4.3 stars / 13,609 reviews

Salesforce is one of the biggest business software companies in the world. Its Sales Cloud product is designed to help sellers streamline their sales processes, engage leads and customers effectively, and access important data points.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Contact management: Keep track of your prospects and customers. With Salesforce, you can easily view communication histories, pull in social media data for greater context, and more—all from one mobile app.
  • Task automation: Help your reps get more done with a proven automation platform. The built-in drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to streamline a variety of tasks, from data entry to expense report approval.
  • Sales forecasting: Keep an eye on your department’s sales pipeline. Then use the insights Salesforce uncovers to predict future sales with accuracy.




Best for: Increasing sales rep productivity

G2 Rating: 4.7 stars / 973 reviews

Highspot is another popular sales enablement app. With it, sales managers can train their reps, manage company content, and engage potential buyers.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Onboard new reps: Need to train a fresh recruit? Use Highspot to design and implement effective onboarding programs. The included tools make it possible to create full training programs in hours, not weeks.
  • Manage your content library: Highspot claims to reduce the time reps spend searching for content by up to 95%. Use this tool to quickly locate specific sales materials, then distribute them in a timely manner.
  • Engage potential customers: Design engaging experiences for each of the prospects in your company’s pipeline. Then view detailed analytics to see which approach works best, which content gets viewed most, etc.




Best for: Creating sales videos

G2 Rating: 4.5 stars / 568 reviews

Vidyard is a video creation tool that sales reps can use to communicate with prospects. It’s user friendly, integrates with a variety of other tools, and has the potential to take your personalized outreach efforts to the next level.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Create video: With Vidyard, your reps can easily create videos for every stage of the sales cycle. Doing so will help them grab attention. After all, how many of your competitors send their prospects custom video content?
  • View analytics: Don’t just send videos to prospects. Track them, then use the information you uncover to improve your outreach efforts. Vidyard includes a powerful analytics suite for this exact use case.
  • Integrate your tech stack: Vidyard also integrates with many of the tools you probably use on a regular basis, including Gmail, Facebook, Salesforce, and Dropbox. This makes the video distribution process much easier.




Best for: Complex B2B deals

G2 Rating: 4.6 stars / 159 reviews

Membrain is a CRM solution that excels at sales enablement. From prospecting to pipeline management to account growth, this software is designed to help your team increase efficiency metrics, close rates, and revenue numbers.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Prospecting: Empower your reps to focus on the right prospects with ideal customer scores. Then schedule reminders to follow up in a timely manner.
  • Pipeline management: See who’s in your pipeline and how close they are to buying. This information will help you build more accurate sales forecasts.
  • Account growth: Maximize revenue potential with your current customers. Membrane can identify and notify you about untapped opportunities.




Best for: Remote sales teams

G2 Rating: 4.6 stars / 128 reviews

If you manage a remote sales team, Spekit should definitely be on your list of tools to check out. Use it to embed training in the apps you already use, like Salesforce and Slack. That way, your reps always have access to the content they need.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Embed content: Use the Spekit Chrome extension to link and/or embed content in the apps your sales team already uses on a regular basis.
  • Create step-by-step instructions: Teach your sales team to use new tools or implement new processes with easy-to-make walkthroughs.
  • Print to PDF: Automatically print PDF versions of your department’s training materials to facilitate simple note-taking and hard copy storage.




Best for: Turning website traffic into revenue

G2 Rating: 4.6 stars / 101 reviews

The Albacross sales intent platform helps companies turn website traffic into viable leads. Access the data you need to supercharge your inbound sales strategy.

Key sales enablement features:

  • Capture website data: Discover who lands on your website, what they do when they arrive, and which companies they work for. Then assess buying intent to learn which of these visitors are potential customers.
  • Understand your audience: Learn who reads your blog posts, clicks on your ads, and engages in your awareness campaigns. Then use this information to build accurate buyer personas that actually reflect your target audience.
  • Create personalized experiences: Use Albacross to create personalized experiences for each of your website visitors. Change messaging, present specific use cases, and more based on who’s currently looking.


Sales Engagement Software Enables Reps To Be Even More Productive

The right sales enablement app will help your reps close more deals. The question is, which platform should you invest in? After reading this article, you should have all the data you need to make an informed decision.

Before making a final decision, consider whether or not a sales enablement app is truly the right fit for your business. For many fast-growing field sales teams, it’s not always enough. This is where SPOTIO’s suite of sales engagement features takes it a step further.

  • Lead generation: With SPOTIO, reps can quickly generate new leads, thanks to the platform’s integration with Google Places. Use 200+ filters to find red-hot buyers, then plan efficient routes to meet more of them every day.
  • Task automation: Don’t let your reps get bogged down with data entry tasks. Use SPOTIO to automatically log prospect interactions. Then pass these important data points to your department’s CRM of choice.
  • Communication: You won’t make sales if your reps don’t communicate with potential customers. With SPOTIO, reps can easily track calls, emails, and texts. They can also create custom email and text message templates, then schedule them to send at predetermined intervals to help close deals.
  • Mobile mapping: You manage a field sales team, so knowing where your customers are physically located is crucial. Use SPOTIO to cut and manage territories. Then pinpoint specific customers on a digital map, color code them to represent key data points, and access the details on your phone.
  • Sales tracking: How are your reps performing? With SPOTIO, you can get real-time access to their physical locations, activity metrics, close rates, etc. You can then funnel this information into custom sales reports for evaluation. The result? Motivated sellers and more effective sales strategies.

SPOTIO is ranked #1 in the Field Sales category and was a 2023 G2 Best Software Winner. Sign up for a free demo of SPOTIO to discover the quota-busting power of our app!