Product Update: Routing

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SPOTIO Routing

SPOTIO has listened and overhauled our routing functionality, making it one of the best routing apps on the market.  With SPOTIO Routing, reps will visit more prospects, be able to better (and more easily) manage their territories, and maximize the number of clients they can see in a day. The Result: reps are more productive, and managers gain holistic and actionable insight into what’s happening in the field.

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Benefit With our routing functionality, optimize sales routes for maximum time efficiency and dominate your territories.

Insight SPOTIO Routing enables reps to see exactly where to go, what to do, and the most efficient way to get there. Set your meetings, update notes in real-time, then prospect new accounts in between meetings.

Features To maximize efficiency and output in the field, SPOTIO provides a variety of route calculations based on multiple scheduling criteria:

By Distance: Creates routes based on distance or scheduled activity, identifying the shortest path from destination to destination (pin to pin). By Schedule: Routes can be calculated from current user location to the pin with the nearest planned appointment. By ‘No’ Schedule: If route includes appointments without a particular time, these will be arranged by distance at the end of route. By Meeting Length: If a meeting duration is scheduled, route calculations will take meeting duration into account. SPOTIO will calculate arrival time based off one meetings end and then next meetings start. By All Day Appointments: If route includes appointments labeled as “all day”, these meetings will be arranged by distance from one another. Arrival times will be calculated for both driving and walking.

Better Route Management


With SPOTIO Routing sales reps can review and export all past routes and view route history by day, week, month or a custom range.


Managers can see route history for the sales reps assigned to their territories, export the history of any route, and share the file via standard “share” menu. With SPOTIO routing, get your reps focus back on closing deals, not figuring out how to get from point A to point B.


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