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An outside sales rep spends countless hours each week communicating with prospects and customers, but more often than not, these activities go unnoticed. This is due to the fact that in order to document these interactions, it requires an average of 10.7 hours – or 23% of their time – each week to plug this information into their CRM. Time that should be spent selling.

We’ve recognized that this is a big problem and have created a solution… SPOTIO is thrilled to announce the release of Multichannel Activity Management.

This new feature offers activity management capabilities to include visits, calls, texts, and email; providing a complete view and real-time digest of the activities happening in the field. Get the visibility you’ve been missing.


SPOTIO’s Multichannel Communication feature eases the administrative burden of activity tracking by auto-logging the interactions taking place through the SPOTIO app into your CRM.


Face-to-Face Visits

Eliminate rep administrative burdens and reduce manual work that goes into recording face-to-face interactions.


Provide sales reps with a central hub of call activities – inbound, outbound, and missed – to easily track communication with prospects.


A single view for all the texts that have been sent and received between a rep and prospect or customer. The automatic transfer of SMS communication into the CRM makes it easy to track and measure all text communication that happens.


Integrated with your email provider, auto capture every customer email communication for full picture of engagement.

The Result

By utilizing a tool that automates this list of activities, your sales team greatly benefits. Management can track performance over time and discover whether or not the activities resulting from visits are working or not; while reps greatly reduce the manual burden of having to document sales activities taking place in the field.

  • Eliminate the costly guesswork and provide your outside sales team with the visibility they’ve been missing.
  • Instantly sync every activity into your CRM.
  • Auto-log each customer interaction for a complete picture of engagement, while keeping sales reps focused on what matters most.
  • Run performance and activity reports by rep, territory, or by team.
  • A complete view and real-time digest of the activities happening in the field.

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