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I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Chris Thompson who is the Canvass King a couple weeks ago.  For those of you that do canvassing door to door to generate leads then you will want to listen in to this call.  We go over all sorts of topics from recruiting to the most common mistakes and some of the new, ground breaking techniques he is putting in place to double the amount of leads generated.



TREY: Alright! Hi this is Trey at SPOTIO with Chris Thompson the Canvass King. We are going to talk about a little bit of canvassing today. So Chris, can you tell us about your background and how did you get in to this?

CANVASS KING: Sure. Well, simply how I even started canvassing, I was a college student.  I was a 19 years old. I went to Ohio State. And I was like any other college student. It was simple as I just wanted to make the money for food and beer money.  So that was it.

TREY: Ha-ha

CANVASS KING:  I responded to an ad that was a home improvement company that replaced windows, siding roofs and they were looking for kids, part time from 4 to 8 approximately, and asked to go door to door and generate leads for sales reps and sets appointment, so that’s how I got started. I started doing that and… It was a little bit of a rough start as there wasn’t really much training to it.  It was more like just go out there and get leads and that was the mentality.

It was pretty much like a turn over machine, and so I struggled a little bit and I had to find someone to help me along. And I got into his rhythm, and eventually, I was canvassing for about a year so, and then they asked me to go into sales. So I went into sales and the I’m so nervous about that because I am like how am I going to do that because I was on school. How am I going to? You know, I am 20 years old at that time. (Laughs) … I have no idea how to do any of that.

TREY:(Laughs) Right…

CANVASS KING: And you know what? It was very interesting. The owner said something to me and pushed me to go into sales. If there is anyone who succeeded or has successes canvassing, it works really as the beginning of you prospect. It’s the prospecting, the number one skill of any sales that have been successful. Don’t worry, I will teach you how to demonstrate product and tell you some sales tips that you need to know is the same way to begin with. And it turned out that was true! I wanted to do that night and I have to offer my talent as for I was canvassing, and I didn’t show them a bad thing and whole sales and that is what I did until I graduated…

I didn’t realize that there was a time that I am doing this or using canvassing as a skill set. When I graduated and I started looking for a job, I did pursue now with my college stuff that I was in. And I didn’t realized that I have headed to I have sales support, I have a tracking of place that you know, that I keep canvassing, that kept me as a role player and occasionally that as if I always knew what I was talking about. And I had job offers like:  here is my age pointing to some other field to get paid for. Like I can get a job, you know. Work in retail, or a restaurant, or a bar. Not that they were bad thing. And the people that would hear the interview knew that they were really good and special skills they had.  And you need a track record to do that.

But anyways, I got a job that I am all at and I was like to work with a full permission. They were giving me salary, they share it and I think I made it, right? And then I realized I was actually making much money. And I have used all the opportunity to do a whole lot better. I was given a permission to knock in on doors. The annoying type of things…

So I got the idea to start to flip and start the whole improvement company. And I did not know. I can say one thing. I am 23 years old when I started to do this. I did not know how to run a company. Well, I did know few things. I did know to get a ­­­­­­­legal and I can go selling. And if you know few things, those are the few things you only need to know and learn. What kind of prospects and products for your business. In my first 4-years in business, we earned over 2 million dollars, selling window sidings, going door to door canvassing. And that was it. And limited just me and a couple of people but we did it. And so I did say, I wanted to learn more. I wanted an industry corporate. And when they were talking about all the professional markets, they never talk about canvassing.

So at the end of the conversation, I actually knew the guy, he did a training from the company I was. But I have asked him, at the end, I had a great profit. I am just curious why and we all can be good at canvassing.  Why don’t you talk about canvassing? And imagine I think it is going to the future; I have talked to the company. And they want to do it, they try to do it, they just don’t have the way of going to. They get to pay like they need someone in there but if they will just work out and struggle with it. They just need to treat it like real work. Then I told him, what are you doing, in this is kind of people would love this information.

If you want to share it, you know, this is like it is for you and can you do that? I said sure. He wants to know the script. He can put the video together and I am like at everyone is scripted.  We are all in a system.

And so slowly, I came in to helping the companies know about canvassing. They were buying the material; they were calling me and asking me to come out visiting. So this is the point where I am spending so much time in helping the people and this is really where I am really good at and passionate about!  And I said, “You know what? I am going to spend my time for my life to my full resources of a commitment into this. And that is what attitude I was trying to share. I get paid to canvassing, and that is all I do. And I train companies, individuals, and teach them how to canvass with full control and make mark in anything!

Canvassing is the art thing and it is what I do. And my background is a home/ lot improving and right now; I am working for so many companies using door-to-door and face to face marketing lead generation.

TREY: In particular, any other ones that you know traditionally didn’t used canvassing and now do with your help and or you know, other than home improvement what other ones you are working with?06:18

CANVASS KING:  yeah . Like really  Why is that the home services? You know I guess home improvements can be. You know you guys sold what you have, pest control, you have people maybe satellite tv,  going door to door  they’re even going door to door selling. So we have a lot of that. A couple of industries even retail from car dealerships. One of the large industry that I didn’t realize is that they do that and it’s kind a tough subject for some people to even  think about doing it but it’s a door to door pre planning for a funeral cemetery and we had a tremendous amount of success of leads and appointments and sales. We’ve created by simple many system. So really anything that you point directly to the consumer, this really.. real estate, I mean this.. this on and off  financial services that you know (laugh) I’m really glad that you give case to case directly produce makers. But that’s what you do when you knock on people’s doors like…

TREY: yeah.. I agree you know, I’ve thought when I got into SPOTIO and doing this whole time and I was thinking. Well, You know everybody would say door-to-door? The people did even do that anymore?  You know or that’s from the 50’s. It was like, Now you’d be very surprise because, I mean..  How many people have a home phone? How many pieces of junk mail do you get in your mail box? And I’ve checked my mail yesterday and there’s seven pieces of junks mail that I’ve looked at them . Now I sent them straight to the trash. You know, I don’t even have a home phone. How are you gonna get hold of me? You’re gonna have to get In front of me. Otherwise you’re never gonna talk to me by knocking at my door. So I think you’re going to get back to yeah.. face to face as to where is that.. you  get an immediate response and you can convert that lead. So, obviously I’m a big fan because we have a software that tracks. But yeah..

CANVASS KING: It even, it even touch on that.. The average consumer in this day and age and that study shows . They’re exposed to three to four thousand marketing sales messages a day. We don’t even know with all the branding and social media, the internet. It just got in, actually thirty years ago it was probably three to four hundred and so people are just _ and bombarded, and this is an opportunity. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of all that free sources and getting leads.  That thing you know digital but the back of the matter is that you can do direct door to door, face to face marketing. And it just cuts through the platter of all of that bombardment of marketing and failed messages that we are telling of consumers. And companies now are saying specially with the , gets in drops in the economy, the companies that has, or the sales people that has, they we’re doing direct door to door, face-to-face marketing for the ones who survive yet with all the counters because all those other sources, they will just not respond to it. Because you’re nervous so they need to have all the finances in their perception. And we can overcome that we get case to case I called nose to nose , toes to toes to those prospect.

TREY: Nice, so yeah.. Have a serious question to you I wanna go through but one of them is, is really you know you mentioned before having a system and I’ve seen companies that are trying to start a canvassing a program or have one started using a SPOTIO and you know, they’re just really. It’s an investment upfront you know I think people need to understand the common mistake that can come with starting up canvassing a program you know and why they might succeed or fail. So is there any like let’s say three.. The top three mistake that you see companies make when they decide.

Alright. I’m gonna make.. We’re gonna start canvassing. You know.. one of the top mistakes you see people make, and I’m sure you called then after the fact you’ve made mistakes you didn’t see was coming, it takes a lot of times.

TREY: yeah.. I would say the number one mistake is having a foundation in a script in presentation. A lot of people have hang up about scripts and I address this but because in most scripts that I’ve seen written are terrible. And people always wanna see kids and robotic, they’re really . It doesn’t really address the issues that are out there but really having the right type of script. It just reveals your strategy in your system of your approach, when you’re having your script.  And I’m having that major foundation that has a very good. And I think the number one priority because and we’re talking about bringing in or recruiting people and bringing them in. Well, it’s not gonna bring any good if they’re not having a good system and have a good training and, approach of how to go door to door canvassing. I tell people that I usually look at their scripts and one of the problems and the mistake they make is… a lot of kind is a sales person and they’re gonna sell it but they’re writing a prospect in the script in a two different set and or the owner of the company or a executive of the company and they write for script for the canvassing team.  And they have, they’re good at sales but they are two different thing. Yes, so they’re related prospects in the internet fields, yeah. But you know.. the fields that were used to use in sales for example, or you know the prospect , well they have an appointment and they’re gotta hop for three years to, so some have expected them right? So, they had the chance to share and ask questions and do all that survey. Well, When you go door to door, they’re not expecting it and they not taking about you’re a bite of service and you know studies show you need less than nine seconds to make the first impression, I think you can achieve a little less by what we do and we’re gonna form that impression if they feel like you’re steal , you’re steal person , like if you’re stealing something. They’re gonna turn you off, and that’s why people get in the cut off and they get the objection about interested, you know and get well of so easily. And they’re really having the right approach of the system of how knockers come across the right person. Thus they didn’t  wanna be persistent and working and get the appointment but there’s a whole world of psychology and methodology of how to do it the right way. And well I can go to the last twenty years for finding that and you know, there’s so many finds to or and this is proven or doubling or tripling the results than they’ve ever got before but I’m not saying its that fast because, well in the whole thing that I’ve done , it’s taken the mystery and misery out of it. so.. with that script and presentation of prospecting where it’s not so much rejection. Of course you gotta win more than you lose when you’re actually talking to full profile prospects. That’s the number one thing I would say that they make mistake of.

TREY: so, any, any other. Do you have any other one or two that you see very commonly?

CANVASS KING: yeah, I would say then, the second common things is… People are asking me, how I find the manager or how I find, how do I recruit someone who can do canvassing. There is the common question. And I think a lot of times they kinda touches in with the script they don’t really have a system, a script. They don’t have a system of how to recruit people or they did hire with a manager and the owner or basically there’s whole panel just.. take care of everything

TREY: Alright.

CANVASS KING: and sometimes they get when somebody who comes in. And they’re very confident with what happen when they leave or something well, for the belief of the whole canvassing department goes out the door. And you left, you left and you’re having a good thing going and then all of a sudden it’s all gone. And you don’t know how to get started and you can’t let find to get immediately to replace what you got in there. So really my recruiting strategy is really when I cover people in address and feel a lot of mistake, and I think with this recruiting, I think people are getting clear on who they’re looking to recruit.  I think it’s the biggest mistake. I think people who recruit canvassers and all local part-time and love policy. And they know, they have a clear idea whom they’re going after, I also say people who are looking for full-time and they might say ‘hey, I want someone who’s college graduate or I want people who had experience, who’ve done door to door or whatever it might be, so that’s why I’m gonna go after it and I’m gonna try to get to recruit them from other organization. Regardless, the point is, the biggest mistake is the one’s you struggle with your merket are clear on the identity and who they’re going after. And that doesn’t mean that… Let’s say you want to get people who had experience and see your targeting, your actual targeting up that to people that doesn’t mean you’re not gonna hire someone who doesn’t have experience. And you feel like “hey I think they can’t do a job like that. But of the true funnel of who you’re going after is target. And you know what some kind of tell me of marketing. When recruiting people _ turn off and I think it’s different. It’s so different in marketing in your project service your project services, you don’t have clear target of who you’re going after, right? So, you’re going to the neighborhood or any advertisement, its target for that person, in the language, in the copy, everything that you say is toward the target market so. I think that’s the biggest mistake. People just.. they don’t have a clear strategy and a clear identity on their recruiting targets.

TREY: So, if you’re hiring, building outta team today for you. Let’s say back when you had a broom of company, would you place ads for hiring people with experience, hiring people without experience, or do a combination of both. Or would you prefer a manager that hads experience so you wouldn’t have to train them from, you know from A to Z. Then try to find canvassers that didn’t have experience. so you could train them in your system. Or kinda… What would your ad recruiting mix required?

CANVASS KING: Well, back in the day. I actually, It’s just because, it’s kinda how I stand about it. I say that with no experience. So I had that, you know what… it saved my life. So I’m like, I have the passion to go after young people and I get the part time and get helping such as college campuses and really hit that hard to recruit them in. So I had a system, I had a target. I mean,  I spoke their language, I mean, I knew how to motivate them to take action and that they wanted the job. So that’s what I did. But I also find there were a lot of clients with the help of recruiting. And they’re really good at, they just feel they are the best in this job in the whole country. And they’re going after people who, you know… Let’s say if they for the company and they gotta go after the satellite tv guide because you know. They feel I can give like, salary, you know we’re more professionally. Whatever their message is, it doesn’t matter and they just want it, and they go after them. They had tremendous success. You know bringing those in.

I feel, if I had, if I was gonna go back to scratch I would do both but I would have separate target, separate Ad that’s going after both experience and non-experience person when it comes to door to door canvassing. And then I’ll let the process of talk in to them and then revealing their funnel so I can make sure they might sit on the right team.

TREY: Got it. And then, so when you do, Let’s say get someone hired and then it’s time to start training them. Do you do, I mean do you wanna get them out the field as soon as possible or you do classroom training like how… what you’re feeling on that initial training process?

CANVASS KING: yeah… Right now I’m in least hesitant. I’m doing training, going to brand new people. The two day classroom training and how the process works is, the first day is a full day of classroom training. And so sometimes people in their recruiting process and interviewing process. They actually might give their observation, some people might have been actually been into the field. So they have some of an idea or get a direction comment before they get to have a little bit of experience. Just like me when I have a training you know. Then first day when, I was like okay… three day two camp training, we’re gonna go through the whole script presentation . The first day I like to keep it a classroom because I’m gonna go in a, you know an overview of everything and then because I have time in a paper and without distraction. I wanna lay the foundation of the proper mechanic and the approach and the mindset. I work a lot with the mindset of how to do door to door canvassing. And we do a lot of role playing and everything like that, so they really have the foundation of the first day. On the second day, we still have the classroom training but if possible I try to take them at the end of the training but I don’t want to take them out too long. Maybe just like an hour, you know an hour and a half or just whatever travel time it is. And I’ll put them in teams in two and I don’t give them to the whole presentation I’ll just have them to do the introduction. If you want the lead grade, I just want them to go out there. Cause it’s new and a lot are gonna be nervous, and some would have ask and it just get in, and no probably first one and then they do the second one like “Oh I got it. It worked that well.” And now they’re applying and taking action of actually doing it. But not overwhelming  now like know, I think it’s amazing how many times that you would train them like ”Oh sorry, come in. Here’s a little bit of the training, go out here and get leads and appointments and we’re expecting from someone who’ve already done this before or had success, Go knock on someone’s door,. Know everyone in there, doesn’t even matter who they are, what they’re thinking about the product services right now, and we’re expecting them to get personal contact information and set up an appointment. So that means when they’re out, and when they’re even playing on schedule and appointments. I don’t know their schedule at all and all that schedule and for product services that could be high and raise one thousand dollars.

TREY: Ha-Ha.

CANVASS KING: And we threw that on somebody, I’m like… no wonder why they struggle with it. That’s where I met second day I just… I only go out there for a little bit just for a quite then when we come back for the third day now they have a bit training for two days and practicing and understanding the process but they also had a really wide experience in going on now, I mean that they remember that and then the classroom becomes even more powerful because it’s actually something they’ve actually applied and then we do you know, wrap it up with the classroom training and then maybe if we have time and some wishing, I mean we’ll  go out again on that third day but that’s how I do it while I’m working on the training. It’s usually with that three days.

I would say three quarters of it at least is going to classroom and then the quarter of it is maybe is gonna be applied into the field. And that’s it for the initial new hire training with the process like that.

TREY:  So, when they’re out therefore their on their own, how about it?

CANVASS KING:  No. Therefore, I actually have them walk with somebody again. They knock on the door all by themselves. Also if you’re going to be on your own, it’s really good to have someone there with you for two things: One, to have someone there right? While you’re doing it; Two, you can step back and watch the other person and it’s actually like you’re listening to a live conversation. And just watching and observing and listening to what’s going on, that’s gonna help you become better.

That is another learning process that I do. So, I like to keep them the first week, four to five days. How many days are gonna work that first week When they do go into the field walk with somebody. It could be just other the new hire with you that’s fine and you just alternate group presentation or a manager or whoever it might be but if you can do that ideally that would be great. There are some circumstances where that fourth day we do have no other choice and some people are like up, I go out there all by myself and oh my what happen? I like a little bit of flexibility so it means just in case of some training situation. Sometimes there’s no choice, you have to do what thing in a certain way but at least give it the first week, you know gotta ease people into it. A whole form they tryna make

TREY: Well you know… with my experience with hiring managing sales teams and then now talking to sales teams, canvassing teams, managers, owners all across the world is Since it’s kinda broken up into two, it’s either the, I’m gonna hire anybody that’ll work for full commission, I’m gonna throw them out there and see what happens, if they sell something, fantastic, If they don’t then who cares? You know, and then there’s a group that focuses on hiring the right person, training them and making them successful and those are typically the customers that we get at SPOTIO because they want to track and really work on the metrics of individual wrap and I think that’s clearly leads to a more successful company and longevity and just overall satisfaction, as when you do put it, yeah when you do money and resources, upfront time money, you know all that but I believe that pay is dividend in the long run when you can just scale up your company quickly or just have happy people that work there.

CANVASS KING: Right, right…

TREY: so you know we have a lot of managers, canvassing managers, or owners that will be listening to this. Is there a one thing that they could do today you know to impact their bottom line like I enact this, this morning God this afternoon I gotta get more leads. Anything comes to mine I know that’s tough question but I’ll figure it out to ask anyway.

CANVASS KING: I think that you kinda ask that on purpose. Maybe my system of how I teach it. Most people when they canvass because it has a very heavy sale velocity that people were taught or trained or tells you when they’re out there.  Let’s face facts, you need to get leads and make appointments and sales, I mean that’s the bottom line. That’s why we’re constantly doing that right?

TREY: uh-huh

CANVASS KING: And we’re gotta pay bills and make money and do the same. What happens though is our language, what we’re saying to the prospects is all about now, now, now. Think of this now. Look into this now. Buy this now. I mean that’s what everyone was saying but that’s how we come across. So the natural instinct for the prospect is to say No, not interested, I’m not ready right now, Oh no I can’t afford it. Pass it off to my spouse, what do you think? And they would say, I don’t make the decision into that. And so the canvassers now talk to fills the objection re bottle, over permit, over permit, over permit and try to, and it’s almost like we’re cut them off the knees, patch them over their head by doing something to leave with us now. And it comes across and that’s why most people have very, very low appointee. They talk to a lot of people every day, every week but a small, small percentage of people actually breathe in with us and that was way up we didn’t take and we struggle with that. And I think when it comes to the bottom line is it really has to with the prospect. And when most people are getting in, I’m all about getting gold bars and I really got it already or just a little bit down the road already and better deal with it. The next scene is when people got interesting need for a product but they are not ready right now, it means like it’s not okay now, call me in the fall or maybe next year in the spring, they are all kinda pushing it down there. I’m sure what you want is capture those leads alright? We’ll do everything we can instead of buying what’s in right now, but not captures the leads because they are approaching this people like buy it now, and don’t ask for a card or flyers or you don’t have any data, any lead to follow up with them. They’ll never gonna call you. That’s not their job to remember us. So if we have simple method system, we get the right people. But people who are ready right now, we would want to visit them right now, and capture that lead. Then you have a way to follow up and nurture those leads. The payoff and what the numbers are showing will play better in implementing this. It’s for year to year in all the leads they are gathering, that’s what the people are right now. Those leads are paid off. It’s like to double in the second year. And you’re not increasing, you know, year to year, the amount of what’s spent  and not getting more doors. What you are doing is you’re doubling your business because you’re getting sales from the leads generated the year before not on a year and half before. Now these people are ready to do that. And they’re not calling anybody else because basically we kept on marketing background. We jump in front of them before they got into the market.

TREY: So when they tried to get into the market, what’s your only choice?

CANVASS KING: It’s all about the follow up and getting enough wires. It’s the main goal of canvassing. People, everything, organization aren’t doing that. And they’re missing out on a huge rate.

TREY: We talked a couple of weeks ago you know, and win over this new message and absolutely love it and it turns out that the last question I ask was a heck of a seaway.. I didn’t mean it like that but I’m glad you run into it and it’s super exciting for me because now I’m going from sales to inbound sales background to more of an internet type company. You know, I do this. So when we have someone land on our website they can find out or receive our blog or they can start a free trial you know. We get their email address and we market to them. We write blog posts like this interview we’re doing right now will be send out to thousands and thousands of people, not are all SPOTIO customers but you know, it displayed interest at some point, they are qualified prospects. And the fact that you’re taking that to a type of sales medium that hasn’t done this before I think it’s genius. Just so you know yesterday, I had customer who called and said that they are getting ready, they are ready to test SPOTIO again. They tried it out a year ago, they weren’t ready. They were getting my blog post for a year and they have hundreds of sales rep. I mean this is a huge company. We’s like the same thing you’re preaching. They get email address or phone number and they’re not ready. Great. We tried an appointment down their throat in order to get that information and follow up over time. So we’re on top of mind whenever they are ready to buy, they automatically gonna think of us.

CANVASS KING: Yah..And what are the things that.. I need to be careful…like “Oh Chris, that doesn’t paid the bills and I need to meet with someone and make it out?” And here’s the thing. With my approach, you’re still gonna visit. It’s gonna change. All the people that you know and normally you talk to, ready to meet you now and you do, all those people still gonna mess you with. …It’s not in rushing, cause we don’t club them over the head at the beginning so they accept the offer which is indeed to get them information. Then I go for the quick opportunity to say “Hey we can actually do that” and they became kinda relaxed and comfortable, there goes the pressure and they agree to it. So work is beginning. So more people with trouble are normally  won and put with appointment down their throat and their instinct are just gonna say, “No, I’m not in”. The point is for example when you walk in a dept. store or some store, you walk in and then someone comes up and say “May I help you?” That’s a lot of people instinct or reaction. “I’m okay, I’m okay” And we are not a dummy walking in that store looking to buy of something that doesn’t interest us right? Our instinct is just we want space and now imagine someone in that store, that’s gonna be 10 or 20 of some kind and have more high resistance because of that. And that’s why were in much lower rate. Imagine we’re standing in front of qualified prospect, whatever your qualifications are, some people might have to homeowners or or I have to be, they haven’t need or not interested in the product or services that you know about, whatever it is right? Ah, I..We should be catching more to those people you know. And in most kind of people, if we are in front of those qualified prospect, we have to get even one out of ten, or maybe one out of twelve or fourteen and all those numbers. But I’m showing people at my approach that I’ll capture and I’m gonna get the leads by majority, at least half of the people that I talk to are going to want to visit ore are going to leak their information and say “Salespeople are going to visit me right now”.  If we are talking in front of a qualified prospect, we’re getting 7% or 8% of those people easily. When I say lead at least capture those people like that. You know, kinda set up an appointment you know, just 3% of those people would want to settle an appointment right then and there. That’s the power of that. I think we’re forgetting our measures and if you just want to know, I would add it for you, you ask a previous question about some numbers you know, what can make numbers to mve in needles from this. We’re talking about lead and sales right? Well also, what I’m finding is that client that I’m working with and implementing this system and they’re having a higher success rate in the field of canvassing and the majority of people are getting lead problems. We’re talking to help them out, settle an appointment and do some sort of things. And what do change is the environment and the culture of the jobs. If you are going out there and keep in mind, you know, you’re sure these people are gonna be home. Then the service to the people we talked to will be tried and few of those people wouldn’t qualify, okay? Then you would really feel okay if they qualify. You might get 7 or 8% of those people into a lead appointment. Well if you look at it, just the people you talked to qualify, you sale 93% of the time. Whether you include the doors, knocked at the people in their homes, would qualify. That’s a lot of sale in one day, or a little one hour canvassing, right? So wondering why this is much a turnover to people who don’t want to do it right? So I changed that work, I actually win it  by getting leads, and had a good time with people, out of pressure, you’re not getting that hardcore objection anymore and guess what? All the reps are finding the retention boards up because they’re enjoying the job. They are making more money by having more lead and sales. They move their backpacks into the canvassing department. And people are rating the cost and turnover and now the recruitment is higher by putting more people in the field and getting them capable of getting leads and opportunities, types like that. That’s a whole matrix right there. That’s really affecting the bottom line that people are really looking at it. And it all goes back to we have to look in the one thing that you do, have the right canvassing and strategy at the door or right in it and let the profits and the numbers do the matrix throughout a company, whether it’s about leads and sales or the recruiting costs entirely.

TREY: So I’m a “numbers” guy so let’s talk. I have gone in hundred doors. I talked to, let’s say 40, talked to 40 people out of a hundred. Typically, do you have ratios on how many of those would be qualified?

CANVASS KING: Yeah, we just have to depend on the private services that you do. That’s gonna be probably, aahh, some are probably gonna be higher because they have certain things they use like a hauling company, they do replace the windows. Well, a couple of things, there has to be the homeowners right? We’re working to have that lead so that’s gonna be one thing, to get a homeowner and rarely have the work done, get them to replace their windows. I can’t do something about it. You know, there nothing I can do with that. So that’s the example. Maybe there’s a lot more work to happen, it’s like you talk to a kid or to a grandparent watching the kids, just like that. It can be 20 or 30%. If I talked to 40 people I made contact with, one thing I figured out with the homeowner is if they have the need for the product or service, maybe I can set off 20-30%.

TREY: Okay…so maybe 30% would be qualified or 30% would be disqualified?

CANVASS KING: Disqualified, yeah.

TREY: Okay. So out of 40, we have 70% of better qualified so that leaves us 28 qualified. Okay then. As you know, as we get to the one that’s gonna turn in the leads, what? 10% of that maybe? 8-10% you said.

CANVASS KING: Yes I would say a very competent canvassing may get you 8-10% of those people.  That would be at times, usually and probably the majority hours of 5 and 6.

TREY: Yes, So let’s say 2 lead tops. So there’s from 28 down to two leads, that leaves us 26 people that are qualified by, and the old way of doing canvassing or how many people are doing it now id those 26 are gone. They’re history, they’re not interested. I’m focusing on the two that I get set up with. And what we’re saying now was, now that’s 26 people that could turn it to potential customers. If we just get some information from them and nurture them over time you know and be top of mine so when you think of home improvement or need an alarm or pest control or whatever it might be, you know they’re gonna look at our company. I think it’s fantastic so we could talk all day about this I wanna give just the next steps for anybody that’s gonna be listening to this. A lot of them are gonna wonder, okay Great! I got this piece of information, what do I do with it? So I found a really interesting website this morning called, It’s actually used primarily by technology companies but what they do is that they come in and set up like a nurture campaign for you. So keep in mind that when you do a nurture campaign you don’t wanna shove failed emails down their throat like 20% coupon or Hey are you ready to buy it now. You really want to more provide that value or provide information that these homeowners are gonna find and useful. Maybe that has nothing to do with your company. You know, It’s just something that you provided them that you’re gonna find useful, so I’ve checked out growthgeek and you can pay 500 bucks and have an expert write a whole series of 5 -10 emails that can be send out automatically once this person, once she’s got their email address, so I just wanna give a couple of pointers to our customers but as far as, if they wanna contact you to learn more of your system and want something going what’s the best way to do that?

CANVASS KING: The best way is that if you wanna know mor about what i do and the information, you go to my website and I have for guests, you can sign up for free newsletter that I send out. and i talked about canvassing, the art of canvassing, the art of managing canvassing so all the things, all the such that we talk about today. That’s what we’re all dealing with right?

TREY: you don’t make viruses in their?

CANVASS KING: No Actually I’m a free kid…

TREY: Ah what did it go?

CANVASS KING: Amazing how marketing velocity can we draw all types of avenue. But also you can reach me if you wanna know more information about programs that offers course training and just a little bit of how I can help you with that. It’s just simple, hey you know what can you look at our script, can you retreat our script, could you write us a new script. It’s as simple as that or people knock here do an onside training and visit in our hall and lessons throughout. They’re recruiting at and how was that interview and handle such those things because everyone faces different situations in their canvassing processes of what they need. You can also reach my office at 216 588 1337. You can knock here if you want to talk to me directly and we can set up that. Actually part of the best way is to email me at [email protected]. And we can discuss that as far as… and you know, 15-20 minutes conversation to know where you at. What you’re looking for, what you need help with. And I really have a program that could really fit anybody in regards of just the process of how to improve and how to take it to the next level and be separate from and really differentiate quickly the need in most people in your market place. Even the people that even do canvassing, this will absolutely jump start you ahead of anybody else with the process of doing that. So I think that’s a lot of different ways that’s why I have this company to really help them fire and equipped with all their canvassing.

TREY: For any managers, owners and listeners out there listening I highly recommend that if you don’t have a canvassing team or just a sales rep. use this information in your advantage. Don’t just get emails and put it in your database and never doing anything with again, and do anything about them again. Really think about it and put in the process that’s gonna convert that prospect overtime into warm leads and potentially customer. So I highly recommend this. Chris thank you so much for your time today, for the great information I think it’s really gonna help out listeners and we will keep going on then.

CANVASS KING: okay great, thanks. Have a great day.

TREY: Okay bye.


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