Field Sales Automation Benefits and Top Tools Revealed

Field Sales Automation
Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

Field sales is highly lucrative. It’s also time-consuming, which is why every field sales manager wants to empower their reps to become more productive. Field sales automation is the answer.
Once you invest in this kind of solution your reps will be able to streamline data entry processes, communicate with prospects in a timely manner, and close more deals.

But type the term “field sales automation” into Google and you’ll discover dozens of options. Which one is right for your sales team? We’ll help you answer that question!


What Is Field Sales Automation?

Field sales automation refers to the use of technology to optimize specific field sales processes. We call this kind of technology “field sales automation software” and it can help in many ways.

For example, you can use field sales automation tools to drum up leads, schedule meetings, plan routes between prospects, communicate with potential buyers, generate reports, and more.

All of these things will help your sales reps increase their productivity levels and focus on the things you actually hired them to do: close deals and drive revenue.

We’ll talk more about the benefits of field sales automation software in a minute. But first…


Types of Field Sales Automation Software

Field sales automation software is a broad category. You’ll find all kinds of different tools under this umbrella term. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • CRM Software: Short for customer relationship management, CRMs make it easy to store, organize, and use customer data. Many also include automation features so that sales reps can engage potential customers in more productive ways.
  • Route Planning Software: Field sales reps spend a lot of time in their cars, driving from one prospect to the next. Route planning software will automatically devise efficient routes between stops so that reps can spend more time talking to potential customers.
  • Sales Analytics Software: Data makes the sales world go ’round. The more of it you have, the better decisions you can make regarding your sales strategy. Some software will automatically collect sales data for you and present it in easy-to-understand ways.
  • Marketing Automation Software: Don’t be fooled by the name. Marketing automation software can be used by sales teams, too, and allows them to communicate with leads via email, text, social media, etc.—without having to type every message by hand.


What Are The Benefits of Automating Field Sales?

Field sales automation software will supercharge your outside sales team. How so? It will allow you and your reps to enjoy a few important benefits, such as:


Simplified Data Entry

You know what every sales rep hates? Entering data into CRM software. It’s just the worst, which is why reps often skip it. Field sales automation tools can collect a variety of data points for your team and enter them into your CRM of choice. Who did Rep A visit last week? Which prospects did they email and what was the result? Log these details automatically.


Reduced Admin Time

Field sales automation software can streamline other administrative tasks, too. Once you add this kind of tool to your company’s tech stack, your reps will be able to easily generate quality leads, manage their daily calendars, send contracts, accept e-signatures, and more.


Enhanced Messaging Efficiency

You manage a field sales team, but digital communication is still an essential aspect of your reps’ sales process. But sending emails and texts takes time. Fortunately, field sales automation tools can streamline this entire process. Use this kind of software to build customizable templates, then send personalized messages to dozens of leads at the same time.


Optimized Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is so tedious. Your rep suggests a time, their prospect suggests a different time. Ten emails later and the appointment still isn’t booked, tempers flare, and your company is on the verge of losing a sale. Automation will allow reps to set their schedule; then enable prospects to choose a predetermined time that works for them. No emails needed.


More Sales, Less Time

At the end of the day, field sales automation software leads to more sales in less time. How so? Your reps won’t have a mountain of admin tasks to complete, which means they can spend more of their on-the-clock hours closing deals. They’ll also be able to follow up with potential customers automatically, which will ensure that every lead gets the attention they require.


Top Field Sales Automation Software

So, which field sales automation software should you purchase for your team? We can’t answer that for you. But we can give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Here’s a rundown of six popular field sales automation tools and their unique feature sets:



SPOTIO sales enablement software

G2 rating: 4.5 stars
Best for: Growth-focused sales teams

When it comes to field sales, you can’t go wrong with SPOTIO. The tool has everything your outside sales team needs to close deals, including powerful automation features.

Key features:


2. LeadSquared


G2 rating: 4.5 stars
Best for: Medium to large enterprises

Do you manage a field sales team for a large company? Then LeadSquared may be a good fit. As an added bonus, it includes features for marketing and service teams, which means multiple departments can use the same tool. This helps eliminate data silos and save money.

Key features:

  • Customize the mobile app to only show information your reps care about
  • Automatically distribute leads to reps based on the territories they manage
  • Receive location insights about where reps are now and where they’ve been
  • Create automated day plans to help reps prioritize the most important tasks
  • Have sales reports sent to your inbox so you can update your sales strategy


3. Numerik


G2 rating: N/A
Best for: Motivating sales reps

Next up, Numerik. This field sales automation app claims to “work with reps, not against them.” It includes standard features like sales pipelines and to-do lists, but really excels at motivation.

Key features:

  • Track sales in real time so you can make adjustments on the fly
  • Use AI capabilities to forecast future sales with greater accuracy
  • Access leaderboards and achievements alerts to motivate reps
  • Receive sales reports in real time via a social media style feed


4. Perenso Field Sales

Perenso field sales software

G2 rating: N/A
Best for: Large product libraries

Perenso simplifies many aspects of the field sales process. Use this tool to streamline territory management, route planning, content distribution, field ordering, and reporting.

Key features:

  • Automatically design the most efficient routes between prospects
  • Easily display products on a phone or tablet and make sales in the field
  • Access all sales related content in the app and quickly email it to leads
  • Create easy-to-understand reports using drag-and-drop functionality


5. Skynamo

Skynamo field sales automation

G2 rating: 4.5 stars
Best for: Manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors

Skynamo is the field sales automation software that reps and managers in the manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution industries love. Why? Because it’s easy to use and powerful.

Key features:

  • Quickly access digital product libraries, view inventory, and submit orders from the field
  • Automatically track details like time on the road, distance traveled, and customers visited
  • Generate reports on autopilot and learn how to make your sales team more effective
  • Connect with Skynamo’s dedicated integrations team to easily connect all your apps


6. Unolo


G2 rating: 3.5 stars
Best for: Field sales reps + service professionals

Looking for a single tool to power your field sales and service teams? Look at Unolo. This field sales automation app is stocked with powerful features for both kinds of professionals.

Key features:

  • Track your field employees in real time, or view detailed timelines of their whereabouts.
  • Create and assign beat plans that keep your reps working to reach team objectives
  • Build professional-looking invoices on the spot and accept orders while in the field
  • Allow reps to submit expense claims from the Unolo app; then monitor for trends
  • Identify sales targets for your reps to hit and track each rep’s progress toward them


SPOTIO Is The Top Tool For Field Sales Automation

Field sales automation software can make your reps more productive and help them close more deals. You just have to choose the right tool for your specific needs.

SPOTIO is a top option in this regard. Once you sign up to our platform you’ll have access to lead generation, appointment setting, route planning, multi-channel communication, and reporting features—all backed by powerful automation capabilities that boost team performance.

Request a free demo of our field sales automation tool right now to see it in action!