Customer Story

With SPOTIO, Salient Medical Solutions increased rep productivity by 15%

Improving performance through better sales territory management

Change Impacted:
“Since SPOTIO, I’d say rep productivity is easily up about 15%.”
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Customer Overview

About Salient

Salient Medical Solutions offers a wide variety of products, including aesthetic technologies and solutions as well as the most current ophthalmic and medical devices. Salient has been instrumental in introducing emerging medical technologies to the Canadian marketplace. Recognized as a leader in sourcing innovative products globally, Salient carefully selects and represents world- class medical manufacturers providing Canadians with the most current, effective and efficient technologies available.

The Challenge

Relying on Salesforce for territory mapping and rep management made it difficult to accurately pull field sales metrics because it was up to each rep to manually input lead data in the correct order for reports to be accurate. And with 13 field reps across 3 divisions, this process often became disjointed.

As such, Salient set out to find an easy to use sales enablement platform that integrated with Salesforce. One that reps liked to use and gave managers easy access to the information they needed.

“Since SPOTIO, I’d say rep productivity is easily up about 15%.”

How We Helped

SPOTIO’s pin-map style orientation has allowed Salient to not only see where reps are and how they’re progressing through their territories, but it has given management the ability to easily pull KPI’s around rep performance.

This key feature allows managers to pinpoint areas where reps are exceeding – or falling short – giving both reps and management insight into exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve success out in the field. In addition, SPOTIO’s integration with Salesforce is a huge time saver.

“We’ve integrated it with Salesforce to have one unique entry point for all the reps to be able to go in and make adjustments to their existing accounts and have the backend be able to make any adjustments to their Salesforce accounts.

SPOTIO is taking on more and more of those responsibilities alone, but it’s still back- integrated with Salesforce for all of our larger-volume data on those customers.”

The Results

Reps see the value in SPOTIO’s mapping system because when they’re out visiting a client and have time for another appointment or two, they can quickly pull up a map to see where there are 10 to 15 locations around them to say, “I need to see these accounts to try to push them forward a little bit more and make up for this loss that I had this morning.” Versus their old way of doing so required them to run a report to see who was nearby.

SPOTIO has allowed management to lay out clear target metrics that reps can easily see, track, and measure their performance against. Because of this, sales reps are achieving quota faster and the average sales cycle has shortened dramatically.

“Since SPOTIO, I’d say rep productivity is easily up about 15%.”

“For managerial observation of staff, it has completely changed the way we are able to see what each field rep is doing on a day-to-day basis. We now have knowledge into how many clients our reps are seeing per day.

D. Simpson, VP of Sales, Salient Medical