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What type of sales territory planner are you?

There’s the shotgun approach where everyone in the vicinity gets the pitch and then there’s the target, aim and fire approach that takes a little more planning up front but can save time and energy.

Some managers circle a Google Map with a highlighter to give their team marching orders that way and others do a more sophisticated approach with segmented lists and data points and carefully mapped out territories.

No judging here, just supporting.

For those that want to fall somewhere in between, I want to introduce you to free, online sales territory mapping tools that you can use to spot check the territories you are working in as a B2C sales organization.

Like we have gone over time and again, door to door sales is really about maximizing your door knocking ratios and putting each rep in a position to win.

Two Common Prospect Qualifications

If you complete the first step and get in front of a prospect and have the most amazing sales pitch the world has ever heard.  You have your pants starched and shirt tucked in.  Just got those new business cards with the raised lettering and your hair is exactly how it needs to be.

Dang!  You’re on fire!

But, if you aren’t getting in front of door to door prospects who qualify as leads then NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

Qualified means different things to different industries and there is also a different level of qualification.  At its core, it means that the prospect has a need that you can solve and has the authority to buy or commit.

The two most common:

1. You are a homeowner, not a renter
2. You have the money to buy

Lucky for you there’s a free way to find this data in only a few seconds.

The Free Online Sales Territory Mapping Tool for Basic Planning and Research

Trulia Local

While they only have a limited number of cities listed it is worth checking out and if your city is on there then get ready to do some segmenting.

Here’s the link:

Segment 1: Going Where the Money Is

Previous studies that show some correlation between housing prices and income.  You need to find the sweet spot for your customer base.

Maybe you target the middle class or the high-end areas.  And that can change based on where your location.

In Los Angeles, a $400,000 house might be a closet sized shack in the worst part of town whereas here in Dallas you can get a 4,500 sq ft new construction McMansion in the ‘burbs.

Once at Trulia Local click on Affordability then Sale Price.  In Dallas, there was only data for Listing Price which is better than nothing.

You will see the highlighted sections that display the average Listing Price

Territory Mapping

and then can zoom in to get a closer look

Territory Mapping

Segment 2: Finding the Homeowners

Now that you have narrowed down the neighborhoods that have the price point you want to target you can segment it further by finding where the Owner Occupied homes are.

Click on Demographics then Owner-occupied homes

You will first see the clusters giving you a high level overview

Online Sales Territory Mapping with Trulia

Then you can zoom in to get a detailed view of specific blocks and even streets.

Online Sales Territory Mapping with Trulia Maps

Putting Them Both Together

Now using your keen vision compare the two and dial in a specific area you want to target that has the homes that are owner occupied and the value of your target customers and wah-law you have completely some great market research and segmentation that should leave you with a higher level of Qualified Buyers.

Wrapping Up

“Knowing something is better than knowing nothing at all.”  I think I heard that in a country song once (or maybe that was “you say it best when you say nothing at all”) anyway it is also true when it comes to researching the territory you are going to market and sell to.  Trulia provides a really neat mapping tool to let you learn some facts about your area.

Next up, we are going to explore some paid ways to segment your data even further and get it into your SPOTIO account where you can then assign it out to sales reps to go and follow up with.  Now that is end to end marketing.


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