5 Easy Ways to Reward Your Door to Door Sales Team

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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As sales representatives, we have competition imprinted on our DNA. One of the reasons we love our door to door sales jobs is that they’re like a game, with endless new goals to hit and prizes to win.

There’s more to having daily and weekly goals to scratch the competitive itch, though – having a high bar leads to a better bottom line.

Motivation doesn’t have to come from complicated, drawn-out contests that play out over an entire quarter. It’s amazing how much motivation a quick prize can bring. Here are five easy ways you can reward your door to door sales team on a (seemingly) small scale to get big results.

1. Get paid to go home.

The rep at the top of the leaderboard on any given day takes home a $10 gas station gift card. Short, sweet, and to the point. Whether you’re measuring knocks, leads, or sales, this is a proven winner.

2. Personal best.

At the beginning of the week, write each rep’s name on the board with that rep’s biggest sale next to it. The goal for the week is for everyone to beat his or her personal best. Winners take home a $20 Starbucks card. If everyone on the team sets a new personal best, dinner is on the boss.

3. Dig for gold.

Challenge your team to mine their previous and current customers for additional business. The rep who churns out the most new business in a week wins a 60-minute massage. (Digging for gold is tough on the back, you know.)

4. Blockbuster.

Team members receive tickets for completing daily goals, such as 30 knocks or a number of leads generated. Reps collect their tickets over the week or month and exchange them for a variety of prizes – some ideas include 2 tickets for a $5 Redbox card, 4 tickets for a $10 certificate to a movie theater’s concession stand, and 10 tickets for a pair of movie tickets to the latest blockbuster. The big winner for the contest gets a $50 restaurant gift card in addition to all the other prizes.

5. Clean up your act.

If you’ve got inventory to move, a pile of leads to qualify, or other lingering business, have your team focus on clearing it out. Add a level of competition and tie in tidying-up projects for your reps to do, like sorting through piles of paperwork, reorganizing the break room, or rearranging the supply closet. Small prizes can be given, like gift cards for lunch restaurants, and the big prize at the end is four hours of an in-home cleaning service.

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