Product Update: Visit Results and Leads

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With this product release, account admins and sales reps benefit from detailed visibility into the outcomes of each interaction with a prospect. Sort and search leads by the customized filter statuses set by your organization and easily view the prospecting and lead results you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the sales process.

Visit Results

Choosing Custom Visit Results


Admins can choose from a list visit results and gain real-time insight into the field activities of their reps and the outcomes of those visits.

Web Report for Visit Results


Admin users are able to pull reports and see key statistics as they relate to rep visit outcomes.

Visit Results Shown in Lead History


Looking at the history of any created lead, you can now view the visit results/outcomes.

Colorization by Visit Results


Field reps can see the colorization indicators of each lead in order to get a sense of how that leads has progressed. Both reps and admins can see colorization dots for the entire history of the lead.


Show All Custom Fields


User can now see all fields from the “log visit“ screen. By default, only required fields are visible. However, you have the ability to see and fill out all fields on the “move to next stage” screen.

Sort and Filter Leads by Last Outcome


Field reps may sort by outcome so that they can isolate the leads in their territory by status. To do this, select a filter by outcome in order to focus on leads by current outcome/status.


Search/Add Manual Address


Sales reps can quickly add a lead whether they’re currently in the vicinity of that lead location or not. This allows users to easily add a new lead to their pipeline whenever is most convenient for them.


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