The Field Sales Mobile CRM: Benefits And Features For Reps And Managers

Field Sales Mobile CRM
Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: your outside sales team needs a field sales CRM. Why? Because your reps need access to customer data when they make deals.

The question is, which field sales mobile CRM is right for your department?

In this article, we’ll explain a mobile CRM, the benefits your team will experience once you invest in this tool, 11 things to look for in your mobile CRM of choice, and more.


What Is A Mobile CRM?

A mobile CRM is any customer relationship management (CRM) tool used on a mobile device. It allows field sales professionals to access key data from outside the office.

Plenty of desktop CRM applications feature mobile apps. But remember, not all of these solutions are created equal. As we’ll see in a future section of this article, the best mobile CRMs have specific features that enable field sellers to thrive in the field, not just survive.

Some of these features include route planning and GPS tracking. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before discussing features, we need to discuss the benefits of mobile CRM…


What Are The Benefits Of A Mobile CRM For Field Sales Teams?

According to Forrester, the average quota attainment for B2B sales organizations is 47%. Want to improve on that number? Get your field sales team a mobile CRM.

Once you do, your reps will build better customer relationships and get bogged down by fewer admin tasks. At the same time, sales managers like yourself will experience more clarity and the ability to motivate your team with less difficulty. Let’s discuss these benefits in greater detail:


Better Customer Relationships

When your reps have access to a field sales mobile CRM, they can access customer data at any point in the sales process. This will help them personalize their approach, leading to better customer relationships and, ultimately, more sales for your organization.


Fewer Admin Tasks For Sales Reps

A mobile CRM will reduce the number of non-selling tasks your reps must complete. The result? More time to talk with prospects, build relationships (see above), and close deals.

Now, you might wonder, “How do mobile CRMs limit admin tasks for sales reps?” It’s simple: tools like SPOTIO automatically capture key data points, sync information with other integrated apps, and even send follow-up emails, which can boost productivity levels by 46%.


Auto capture sales activity in SPOTIO


More Clarity For Sales Managers

Mobile CRMs aren’t just for sales reps. Sales managers can benefit from them, too.

Once you invest in a tool like SPOTIO, you’ll know where your reps are in the field and how they spend their time. You’ll then be able to generate custom reports that only include the information you care about. Trust us; this will lead to way more clarity in team operations.

For example, you’ll know if underperformance is due to poor training or insufficient effort. You can then act accordingly and ensure your field sales team consistently hits quota.


Motivated Team Members

Finally, the right mobile CRM will make it easy for you to motivate your reps to perform better, thanks to clear objectives, in-field notifications, and even leaderboards. These things will encourage reps to work harder, almost always leading to more deals.


What To Look For In A Field Sales Mobile CRM

You don’t need any field sales mobile CRM. You need the right field sales mobile CRM. Make sure you get it by looking for the following features for both sales reps and sales managers:


For Sales Reps

As a sales manager, you must put your reps in the best possible position to succeed. That’s why the mobile CRM you choose should include these six capabilities…


Sales Prospecting

Want your reps to close more deals? Make sure they have access to quality leads. Your mobile CRM can help with this. For example, tools like SPOTIO come with lead-generation features that allow users to find and filter prospects using 50+ data points. This makes it incredibly easy for sales reps to find red-hot buyers in their territories.


SPOTIO lead machine


Customer Mapping

A quality mobile CRM will help you map your customers, too. That way, your reps always know where they are and can plan efficient routes between them. (More on this below.)

SPOTIO takes things further by allowing users to color-code their digital maps. Filter any data point by color—green for new leads, red for end-of-pipeline prospects, etc. Then, easily search for specific leads that match certain criteria and boost your productivity.


Task Automation

It’s the 21st century. If you’re still logging prospect interactions by hand and then manually passing the data you collect in the field to other apps, you need to get with the times.

SPOTIO will do these tasks for you. You can use our Autoplays feature to build, automate, and customize sales sequences. Receive call and visit reminders. Schedule emails and texts to go out at specific times. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks.



Appointment And Calendar Management

Does your field sales team employ canvassers and closers? Then, make sure your mobile CRM of choice includes features for each. SPOTIO, for example, will help canvassers log prospect information and set appointments. Said information and appointments can then be sent to closers so they have the data they need to connect with customers and make sales.


Multi-Channel Communication

You manage a field sales team, but that doesn’t mean your reps can’t use modern communication channels like email and text. They definitely should!

With SPOTIO, your reps can easily create and schedule these messages to be sent at predetermined times. Doing so will help them nail their follow-up and close more deals.

Also, SPOTIO is equipped with activity reporting features, so you can get the inside scoop on the number of emails and texts your reps send, the performance of each, etc.


Route Planning

Most field sales reps spend a lot of time in the car. The problem is, every second they spend, there is a second they aren’t spending with customers, closing deals. That’s why you need to reduce windshield time for your reps. A stellar mobile CRM like SPOTIO will help you do it.

Sales Routing. Route Planner. Sales Route Map

Simply tell SPOTIO where you must go; our solution will automatically plan the best route. It will also track mileage, saving your reps time and hassle.


For Sales Managers

As mentioned earlier, the best mobile CRMs benefit reps and those who manage them. Invest in a tool that includes these five features and elevate your sales management game…


Sales Tracking

You can’t do your job as a sales manager if you don’t track sales. The right mobile field sales CRM will make this process a breeze. Just use SPOTIO to track each of your reps’ activities and their results. Then, choose to receive daily or weekly updates via email so you always know where your team stands and can forecast future sales with greater accuracy.


Pipeline Management

How many leads does your sales team have, and where are they in your pipeline? This is, obviously, crucial information. A top-level mobile CRM will give you this information. Simply fire up a tool like SPOTIO, quickly analyze your prospects, and easily predict which will become paying customers—all from an app you can access from anywhere.


GPS Tracking

As we alluded earlier, field sales mobile CRMs like SPOTIO include GPS tracking features, which sales managers can use to pinpoint their reps’ physical locations. Why is this helpful? Because it allows you to understand where your reps go and how they get there. This data can be used to assess your sales strategy and training program.


Rep tracking

(Note: SPOTIO allows users to turn this feature off if it feels too invasive of reps’ privacy.)


Territory Management

We can’t talk about field sales without talking about territory management. Fortunately, the best mobile CRMs include features to help with this essential task.

Take SPOTIO, for example. Our platform allows users to cut territories by geographical boundaries or drawing on a digital map, then quickly assign them to qualified reps.

Just as important, territory performance can be evaluated inside SPOTIO, too. Always know which ones lead the pack, which ones lag, and why this is the case.


Territory performance report in SPOTIO



Last but not least, a quality mobile CRM will prioritize integrations. Your sales team uses a bunch of tools to close deals. If said tools can’t talk to each other, your reps will have to do a lot of unnecessary work. Tools like SPOTIO connect to many apps, including Salesforce, Gmail, and Zapier, which makes integrations with thousands of popular tools possible.


Get The Mobile CRM App That Sales Teams Love

Regarding mobile CRMs, you can’t go wrong with SPOTIO. Our solution was specifically built to serve outside sales teams. As such, it has all the features you need to connect with leads, build relationships with prospects, and close deals with customers.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Learn how field sellers in various industries use the SPOTIO platform to elevate their processes and make more daily sales. Schedule a free demo today.