Let’s Master Mental Toughness in Sales with Chris Pierce

Master Mental Toughness in Sales
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Chris Pierce is a mental toughness expert who trains sales professionals to double and triple their results. He’s here to help you learn how to do the same.



Guest At A Glance

Name: Chris Pierce

What He Does: As a mental toughness expert, Chris has a proven track record of empowering sales professionals to double and even triple their productivity. With an impressive background in sports psychology and a wealth of experience training elite surfers, Green Berets, and Army Rangers, his techniques are second to none. Chris currently resides on the picturesque North Shore of Oahu, where he is continually refining his methods to help individuals reach their full potential.

Find him Online:
Web: thechrispierce.com
Instagram: @chris_pierce
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-pierce-748a568/



Episode Highlight

Preparation isn’t Planning for the Best Case Scenario:
Preparation isn’t just about planning for success, but also planning for when things get tough. Creating a plan for how to handle difficult situations and practicing it beforehand is crucial for success.

Chris Pierce:
Lots of folks go through the process of figuring out who they are and what they want. They make a plan and create a vision board, which is super cool. But the next step is all about how you reconnect to that when things get tough. So for example, you’re running, you hit mile 20, you gotta have a game plan ready for what thoughts and emotions you’ll have in that moment.

But it’s not just about thinking and feeling the right things, it’s also about having a solid plan of action for when everything feels like it sucks. So, what actions are you gonna take when the pain sets in? And the key is to practice that plan long before you actually need it.

Trey Gibson:
Wow, that’s interesting! I can envision the benefits of having a pre-determined strategy to combat the urge to give up when faced with challenging obstacles.

Chris Pierce:
Right! Because if you can’t do it when things are going well, then how can you do it when things are getting really tough?


Connect with Your Core Values and Goals Daily:
This could be through journaling, sending a video, or simply asking yourself two important questions each day: What am I going to continue to do? What am I going to do differently?

Chris Pierce:
Staying connected to your goals and aspirations is crucial, especially when you hit those 20-mile markers. Trust me, I know it’s tough. Whether it’s a knee acting up during a workout or a rude customer at the first door you knock, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But when you’ve got your connection to your vision board and your personal core values, you’ll be able to push through and keep going.


Be 1% Better Everyday:
Making small improvements every day can lead to huge progress and success over time. By focusing on what works and what needs to change, you can make incremental improvements and achieve exponential growth.

Chris Pierce:
So, there are many things you can do to improve your game, but it’s crucial to figure out what exactly is holding you back. One super easy and effective thing is asking yourself two questions every day – and you can do this in your head or with a video, voice memo, or phone notes. So, the questions are: What is one thing I’m going to keep doing? And what’s one thing I’m going to do differently? Simple, right? This will make you reflect on your day and focus on making changes instead of just obsessing over your results.


Top Quotes

“Because if you can’t do it when things are going well, then how can you do it when things are going horribly?” – Chris Pierce

“You have a team of people working for the common goal…but the team always has a new player on it, which is the client.” – Chris Pierce


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