Introducing “My Reports” – The Sales Data You Need, When You Need It

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Introducing “My Reports” – The Sales Data You Need, When You Need It

At SPOTIO, we’re constantly brainstorming ways to improve field sales. It’s what led us to create our industry-leading platform in the first place. And it’s what drives us to keep improving our software so that outside sales reps have the tools they need to succeed.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the release of “My Reports”, a new SPOTIO feature that makes reporting on field sales data much, much easier.


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Keep reading to learn what “My Reports” is, who it’s for, and why it’s going to be so beneficial to field sales teams. Let’s dive in!

What is “My Reports”?

SPOTIO’s new “My Reports” feature allows users to generate custom reports inside their SPOTIO accounts, using the metrics and KPIs that matter to them most.

“My Reports” does NOT replace the Dashboard Reports you already use. Instead, “My Reports” is an additional feature that can be accessed via the Dashboard menu and used to display data in a more organized way for specific audiences and purposes.

While we truly believe “My Reports” is a gamechanger, it won’t cost you anything extra. If you’re a SPOTIO customer, you already have immediate access to “My Reports”.

Who is “My Reports” For?

Honestly, everyone in your company’s sales department can benefit from My Reports. But that doesn’t mean every person will have equal access to company data. My Reports allows you to assign different levels of access based on job description:

  • Admin Level: The Admin Level gives individuals easy access to company-wide metrics. Admins can generate reports on Teams and Territories in order to see who is producing the best results and where they are having the most success.

My Reports

  • Manager Level: The Manager Level allows sales managers to generate custom reports for the teams they manage. With this level of access, managers will be able to evaluate team performance in real time and compare multiple reps against each other. These reports will also help managers identify why certain reps are underperforming and pinpoint training opportunities to help them achieve greater success.

My Reports Manager

  • Sales Rep Level: The Sales Rep level allows individual sellers to generate personalized reports regarding their performance in the field. This will help them learn where they can improve and which activities affect their sales numbers most.

My Reports Sales Rep


With “My Reports”, you can assign your employees access levels based on their job description and allow everyone in your sales department to benefit from customized reports without compromising the security of important organizational data.

What Are the Benefits of “My Reports”?

“My Reports” has specific advantages over other reporting tools. Some of these include simplified reporting abilities, increased productivity levels, and constant access.

Let’s explore each of these benefits in greater detail:

Simplified Reporting

Your company tracks dozens and dozens of metrics. But how many of them pertain to the sales team? And how many of those pertain to each individual seller you employ? “My Reports” allows you to generate customized reports that only include the data points that matter to you, making it much easier to digest the information the reports contain.

Increased Productivity

Time is your greatest resource, which means protecting it is essential to your success. 

Unfortunately, most reporting tools force you to reapply filters and customizations everytime you want to run a new report. It’s a highly inefficient process. “My Reports” solves this issue by allowing you to save custom reports. That way they can quickly re-run them in the future.

Constant Access

Field sales reps spend a significant portion of their day outside the office and away from their computers. Our new “My Reports” feature is built with this in mind.

Reps can access, view, and update their reports in “My Reports” at any time, on any device. Better yet, the process for doing so is similar on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, which means that real-time visibility of your company’s data is always within easy reach.

In Conclusion

“My Reports” is the revolutionary new tool that gives field sales teams the data they need, when they need it. If you’re already a SPOTIO customer, you have immediate access to “My Reports”—at no extra charge!  Access “My Reports” today through your SPOTIO web or mobile app!  Access the “My Reports” Knowledge Base article here.

If you’re not a SPOTIO customer yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free demo of SPOTIO today to see it in action and decide if it’s the right tool for your team.