Solar Lead Ebook

Free eBook on Getting More Solar Energy Sales Leads

SPOTIO has a large number of solar companies as customers and I have grown to understand more and more about this industry as my interactions with the company leaders increase.  It is a truly global opportunity and like most sales organizations a considerable amount of time, energy and money is put into generating quality solar sales leads.

So, in my never ending effort to provide valuable content to both our customers and the general population alike I did a deep dive into the solar world to find out who really purchases solar and then worked backwards to come up with 5 tactics or hacks that solar companies can implement today to get more leads.

I found out the #1 Reason why a homeowner will purchase solar power and it is probably NOT what you think.

I also found several FREE resources for you to use to dial in where your highest potential customers are hiding and how you can identify them and where they are so you can dispatch out a team or yourself for that matter to have the highest opportunity for a sale.

Download the SPOTIO Solar Lead Hack Ebook

5 Little Known Lead Hacks for Solar Energy Companies

Yes, my friends, all this is provided to you for FREE.  Take this ebook, put it to good use and go make some extra money.  If you really kill it by using these hacks then send me over some craft beer from your part of the world and consider it even.  Contact me at for my best mailing address.