Customer Story

Zerin Business Consulting

Identifying and implementing a system that would not only automate, but improve field prospecting and rep tracking

Change Impacted:
"SPOTIO gave us a way to successfully manage our day. We could look at our data points and know what to do the next day."
Key Integrations:

Customer Overview

Zerin Business Consulting (ZBC) reviews sales and direct marketing solutions for some of the largest companies in their respective industries. The corporation represents some of the world’s biggest brands in the technology and telecommunication industries.

The mission at Zerin is to maintain the highest level of standards and integrity, while maintaining constant and never-ending improvement in quality. The corporation prides itself on being an “opportunistic”​ company that devotes personal and business efforts to making a positive difference in the world.

Their Challenge

With 80 – 120 field sales reps across the country at any given time, organization and accountability were key. But with management utilizing paper tracking sheets that they would print off and literally just write on a grid of which businesses they planned to visit, their method needed an overhaul.

Mark set out to identify and implement a system that would not only automate, but improve their field prospecting and rep tracking strategies.

“SPOTIO was one of those products we just couldn’t live without. Moving forward, everyone has to have this.”

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How SPOTIO Helped

Having an antiquated process prior, the fact that SPOTIO was extremely user-friendly, intuitive, and highly configurable made the transition from pen and paper painless. The team ramped up quickly and was able to start using SPOTIO almost immediately.

One of the first benefits they noticed was just how powerful the tracking capabilities were. Having real-time data from the field, management gained valuable insight into rep location, time spent working each territory, and how productive they were during each interaction with a prospect. Increased visibility coupled with detailed insight allowed managers to pull metrics and coach each rep based off real data captured from the field. 

This resulted in more sales and a significant increase to the bottom line. 

“I thought I was going to be in the field for months trying to figure out how to design it where we could use it effectively. Like I said, by the third business we went into, I just had this sigh of relief because SPOTIO was all ready to go.”

The Results

Across the organization, Zerin Business Consulting noticed a vast improvement in three key areas:


“Sometimes it was realizing that someone needed help learning a certain part of their pitch because they’re taking too long with the customer. The value really came from the ability coach and seeing real data that we could coach to rather than working on hypotheticals.“

Onboarding and Retention.

We were a lot more professional as a business when we had new hires because SPOTIO gave us a way to successfully manage our day. We could look at our data points and know what to do the next day.”

Organization and Time Management.

With integrated calendar and appointment scheduling, reps and managers have become more organized. “The feature where you can schedule appointments and it syncs to your calendar has helped productivity. We were able to better manage our day and not miss appointments.”

“And from that day forward we knew SPOTIO was something that we had to have. We had to have it to operate our business.”

– Mark Hoge, President & CEO, ZBC