Customer Story

Management now has full visibility into what’s taking place in the field.

Gained real-time visibility, seamless activity management and insights into prospects and territories.

Change Impacted:
SPOTIO saves iPOS 5 - 7% of time in a given week just by being accessible, easy, and quick to run.
Key Integrations:

Customer Overview

More than 75 years of Point of Sale and restaurant experience, Integrated Point of Sale (iPOS) has the proven knowledge and technology solutions necessary to help restaurant businesses succeed not just financially, but systematically.

With technology designed to streamline procedures and a team dedicated to providing businesses peace of mind, iPOS is the premier choice for restaurant technology solutions.

The Challenge

The cumbersome usability and bare minimum functionality of their mobile CRM was causing frustration and hindering productivity. The team wanted a tool that would be an asset to field prospecting, not a nuisance.

Introducing a mobile CRM that worked consistently and intuitively so the iPOS sales team could focus on selling, and help them easily identify new prospects within their territories was something they needed.

How SPOTIO Helped

SPOTIO solved their need for a functional and intuitive mobile CRM that enabled productivity from the field.

“SPOTIO saves me 5 – 7% of time in a given week by being accessible and easy to use.”

In addition, SPOTIO gives the team prospect details and contact history so they can confidently walk in the door and ask for someone by name. Having access to this information at their fingertips makes it so much easier to get past the gatekeeper and start the conversation with a leg up.

Once the visit is over, quickly being able to tap the app and log visit activities made sure every lead was up-to-date.

Because all the information about each lead is right there, it gives reps insight into whether an account is being worked or not; eliminating accidentally working someone else’s lead.

“SPOTIO has made prospecting so much easier. The app is stable, intuitive, and lets us log activities in under a minute so we can go onto the next. The time savings is invaluable.”

The Results

“SPOTIO’s definitely become an incredible tool for all of us.”

The breadth of capabilities offered with the SPOTIO mobile application has made the iPOS sales team more productive, and as a result, more successful.

With real-time visibility, seamless activity management and insights into prospects and territories, iPOS can confidently go about their day. In turn, this gives management full visibility into what’s taking place in the field.

“By the third day of the month, SPOTIO has already paid for itself due to the time savings SPOTIO offers. We can hit more businesses and land for prospects because of SPOTIO.”