Customer Story


Increased Field Sales Revenue by 33% with SPOTIO

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Dent Mechanic Group
Change Impacted:
“SPOTIO has been an incredible tool. In fact, it's been a game changer.”
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Customer Overview

Industry: Smart Home Automation & Security
Company Size: 50-100 field sales consultants
Location: Texas (Offices in Austin, DFW, Houston, & San Antonio)
Founded: 1997

HomePro is a premier provider of home technology that partners with residential builders to create custom solutions for home buyers during the sales process.

HomePro has been very successful with steady year-over-year growth. On average,
the company installs top-of-the-line smart home technology and security systems in over 30,000 homes per year.


The Challenge

Due to increased partner and consumer demand, HomePro was growing rapidly.

This growth was good for revenue, but made it difficult for the sales team to keep up with the huge influx of demand using their existing process and CRM.

This situation led to a variety of challenges that needed to be solved:

  • Lack of visibility for leadership to see field activity
  • Upset customers from missed appointments or follow-ups
  • Difficult to keep reps accountable for assigned leads
  • CRM data became inaccurate because of a lack of timely updates
  • Existing process was manual, time consuming, and created confusion for sales
  • Difficult to identify issues and opportunities in the process or team members