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SPOTIO, Your MapPoint Alternative

In 2014 MapPoint announced they reached the end of the road, leaving many who loved the product scratching their heads. After a 20-year run they ended things by recommending those using the tool to turn to PowerBI for Excel and Sharepoint in order to visualize their business data on a map. But there is something better… SPOTIO, your MapPoint alternative.

A few reasons salespeople used MapPoint:

Organization and advanced preparation
Optimized routes to save time and gas money
Route editing and historical customer data on the go

For a product with so much support, you’d think there would be more to it. MapPoint was far outdated and required computer access to utilize.

Despite their heartbreak since the close, many turned to SPOTIO – The #1 Door to Door sales tracking app available on the market.

7 Important Gains by MapPoint Closing

#1    Advanced Data & Analytics

SPOTIO’s dashboard provides instant insight for each individual team member. Determine where your sales reps have the most room for improvement. After coaching them, monitor their performance using live metrics to analyze their progress.

See team performance in relation to your sales funnel
Reflect data from custom statuses and fields based on KPIs
Graphs represent team performance, best time and day to knock, and more
Know the number of attempts it takes to establish contacts, get leads and make sales
Different views available so you see the data in a way that makes the most sense
Get automated alerts based on parameters you set

#2    Live Updates In Real-Time

SPOTIO’s data is live and updated in REAL-TIME. MapPoint was installed and only able to be accessed from a PC.

Whether it’s rep location, customer status, or user data, every piece of information that you have changed is immediately reflected in the platform. This real-time insight is valuable. It increases revenue, maximizes profitability, and boosts productivity.

Real-time knowledge backed with recorded data creates usable information to make immediate decisions to effectively manage your team.

#3        Access From Any Device

Take advantage of SPOTIO’s complete feature set. It’s robust, yet extremely easy to use no matter which device you prefer. You can download the SPOTIO app on the App Store, Google Play Store, or use the web app for larger administrative tasks.

With access on any device you can:

Collaborate with management
Schedule and book appointments
Use the in-app chat

And more!

#4        Complete Visualization

SPOTIO application on an iphone

Trying to access your sales funnel in the field to determine where you’re going next is difficult if your just using a list. SPOTIO equips salespeople with the tool to do both. See every prospect and customer’s geographic location on the map or view them in a list format.
Because SPOTIO is 100% customizable to your sales process, you can sort and filter as much as you’d like. Searching for those hot leads is now a breeze and viewing your entire funnel has never been easier.

Create notifications to alert you when you haven’t visited a prospect in a certain number of days or trigger an email campaign based on your specifications. Never have another lead slip through the cracks again.

#5        Unlimited Integrations & Customization

We understand the importance of each company’s sales process and know that each one is unique. To match this level of adaptability, SPOTIO integrates with over 750 different applications to keep you as lean and efficient as possible.

Customize any field or status in the app, or create your own if you don’t see what you need. Send pins to dozens of CRM’s and continue automating your sales process to make your sales organization more productive than ever.

Some of the cool things you can do with automation:

Appointment reminder texts / emails
Handwritten thank you letters
Email new sales to management
Collect electronic signatures
Create new Trello cards

Our most popular integrations include:

SPOTIO integration partners

Google Drive

#6        Lead Machine

A convenient tool located within SPOTIO is your one-stop-shop for identifying strong leads and managing sales and canvassing territories based on reliable, up-to-date data. Capturing leads is easy:

draw your ideal areas, choose your target your customer profile, specify your ideal customer, narrow your search for leads, and automatically import into SPOTIO.

SPOTIO’s Lead Machine allows you to identify key territories and target qualified potential customers in a matter of seconds. From age to location to home square footage and household income to the type of dwelling and the ability to search the home’s purchase date, Lead Machine offers 50 unique data points to specify your ideal customer.

We triple-verify this information to ensure its accuracy and make sure you’re not blowing money. SPOTIO’s Lead Machine currently touts a 95% accuracy rating

#7        Sales Rep Tracking Made Easy

Have you ever wanted to know if a sales rep was where they said they were? It’s now possible with live GPS tracking. Just push the “Find My Team” and watch the magic. MapPoint doesn’t hold a candle to this level of accountability.

SPOTIO provides the exact location for each salesperson on your team every 2 minutes. You’ll get real-time knowledge of: 

Location – Track sales reps to know if they are where they’re say they are.
Status – Know the result of interaction or non-interaction with customer.
User – Identify specific email address of sales rep.
Date & Time Stamped Data – Know the exact day and time a pin is dropped.
“Map It” – See exactly where a pin was dropped in relation to where the rep’s device was pinged.


Difficult situations often result in great opportunity for change and progress. MapPoint paved the way for technological advancement in outside sales and SPOTIO is continuing that trend.

Here’s a few additional features solidifying SPOTIO as the number one alternative on the market:

Territory Performance Dashboard
Unlimited Territory Management
Customizable Sales Funnels
Verified Pins


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SPOTIO is the #1 sales enablement and territory management app to increase your revenue, maximize your profitability, and increase your team’s productivity in just 2 weeks.

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