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When sales reps have access to intuitive and simplistic mobile sales technology, they’ll actually use it. And when reps use technology how it was meant to be used, managers get the information they need to make informed and strategic decisions. This results in increased productivity and more success.

With ease of use and streamlined rep efficiency at the forefront, SPOTIO has released improvements to its mobile app.

Let’s take a look at some key areas of our latest release…

Leaderboard Update


With additional metric options, the more metrics you can access and the better you can manage your team.


We’ve added new KPI metrics options to the leaderboard. Now, users can choose what KPI’s you want to see on your leaderboard. These new KPI’s:

New Options for Metrics

  • Visits Logged
  • Leads Created
  • Stage Count

New Filters Options:

  • Timeframe (predefined values)
  • Territory
  • User Stage Count


With a more robust list of metrics users can choose to see on the leaderboard, sales managers can easily see how reps are doing in the field.

Google Places Layer


From the Map Settings, users can activate a layer to visualize Google Point of Interests (POI).


When users activate the Google Places layer:

  1. When a user clicks POI pins, the map will display pins that are populated with company name, POI type and the businesses close/open time
  2. User can create new leads based off a POI


SPOTIO’s native integration with Google Places makes it easy for reps to find, filter, and target businesses in their territory.

Landscape Mode for Tablets


Having the option to view the SPOTIO app in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) mode means you can use the app in any screen orientation you prefer.


When using a tablet version of the mobile app, users can turn the screen to view it in tablet mode.  

Giving field reps the power of a CRM from their mobile device is a huge competitive advantage, and thanks to this new product release, SPOTIO users will thrive.


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