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The impact of any sales presentation is often measured by one specific metric: whether or not you close the deal. Unfortunately, many account executives go into full-on sales pitch mode during these client-facing opportunities.

These reps deliver a static list of product and service features, completely dismissing the many benefits offered by a dynamic, engaging, and effective sales presentation.

Deliver A Sales Presentation That Tells A Story And Converts Listeners

As a salesperson it’s very tempting to develop a presentation that focuses primarily on your product’s endless list of essential differentiators and high-end clients.

However, most prospective customers don’t care about the what (key differentiators) or the who (other customers); more often than not, your clients are focused on why your product solves a problem that makes it impossible for them to live without.

If you’re not consistently closing deals with your sales presentations, it’s officially time to change your approach.

Here’s how:

Be Relevant

Many sales reps use a one-size-fits-all model with their presentations, using the same generic template again and again (and again). Don’t force your clients to sit through a formulaic slide show.

Instead, develop a customized presentation for every customer that highlights relevant information specific to their company to capture their attention as soon as you launch.

Address Specific Pain Points

Every company has its own unique set marketplace pain points, performance gaps, and competitive needs. Know your client’s most significant concerns before developing your slide deck, so you can create an outline that systematically addresses each one, strategically demonstrating how your product does more than offer a seemingly endless litany of features and functionality – it actually solves their perceived problems.

Walk them through exactly what they can expect as a return on their investment, giving detailed examples of how your services may:

  • Save money
  • Boost profits
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Generate new opportunities
  • Create leads
  • Reduce operational risks
  • Help achieve goals
  • Capture consumer attention
  • Help them stand out in market
  • Drive overall business value

Get To The Point

Put simply: no wants to listen to a long-winded sales ramble. Recent statistics showed that 1 in 25 people surveyed reported walking out on a sales presentation that lasted too long. Additionally, another 25% of viewers admitted that the presented material was so uninteresting that they actually fell asleep during the delivery.

Bottom line, not only do you need to know the biggest points to address in your demonstration, but you must also be prepared to navigate through each major selling differentiator as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t drone on so long that you talk yourself right out of a sale.

Make It Visually Compelling

Of course, when it comes to developing an effective sales presentation, it’s not just what you say – it’s also how you say it that can make a major impact on your audience. Avoid long paragraphs of copy on your slides. Instead, opt for short bullets to give your customers the data they need in easy-to-digest snippets.

Also, leverage other visual tools such as charts, graphs, and images to better show rather than tell your story to viewers.  

Make It Interactive

Finally, make your sales presentation as interactive as possible. Allow for questions and dialogue both during and after making every key point, making a concerted effort to really listen to the information your prospect is sharing. Respond to any concerns, reservations, or objectives your prospect may have about the product during the conversation.

When you don’t have an answer, be honest about it. Take notes and follow up once you have the right information to share.

Most importantly, use the feedback you receive from clients to improve delivery (and ultimate results) of future sales presentations.


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