Salesforce Maps Alternative

For high velocity field sales teams, SPOTIO is clearly the better choice

Why Choose SPOTIO over Salesforce Maps?

SPOTIO is the ideal Salesforce Maps alternative for growing field sales driven companies.

Activity Management

Tracking and organizing sales activity in the field goes beyond basic tracking. Reps communicate with customers through many channels and it should all be capture seamlessly for the best results.

Rep Productivity

The last thing sales reps need is a tool that holds them back. SPOTIO is designed to automate admin tasks and increase productivity so reps can focus on selling.

Complete Data

Business leaders can’t make strategic decisions without accurate data to guide them. SPOTIO paints a complete picture of what’s working and what’s broken, providing clear insights

Smart Prospecting

Manually identifying good fit prospects takes away valuable time from selling. With Lead Machine – a sales intelligence tool –  search and identify prospects that are the right fit for your business and don’t waste time engaging with bad prospects.

Customer Mapping

SPOTIO’s customer mapping functionality is designed to help companies prospect and find new opportunities in every territory.

This information is transformed into pins on a map that contain valuable information in an easy to digest map view so you can streamline prospecting.

Rep Tracking

SPOTIO is your eyes and ears in the field. With rep tracking features such as visit logs, breadcrumb trails, and ‘find my team’, there’s no more guessing as to whether or not sales reps are making the most during their time in the field. 

See The SPOTIO Difference

SPOTIO is so much more than “dots on a map”. It’s a fully-featured sales engagement platform specifically designed to take field sales team performance to the next level.

Get more out of each interaction with the industry’s leading field sales engagement software.

SPOTIO vs. Salesforce Maps: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Utilizing a sales data mapping tool will boost sales productivity and efficiency. Below we compare SPOTIO to Salesforce Maps to help you identify which is the better solution for your business.


  • CRM Auto-Activity Logging
  • Basic Sales & GPS Tracking
  • Designed for High Activity Sales
  • Multi-Channel Activity Tracking
  • Advanced Activity Reporting
  • Google Places (B2B)
  • CRM Agnostic
  • Automated Rep Sequences
  • Messaging Templates

Salesforce Maps

  • CRM Auto-Activity Logging
  • Basic Sales & GPS Tracking

3 Reasons to Choose SPOTIO Over Salesforce Maps

Only Go After Qualified Prospects

SPOTIO’s lead generation tool, Lead Machine, takes all the leg work out of qualifying prospects.

For B2B companies, SPOTIO integrates with Google Places so reps can quickly identify prospects that meet your criteria.

For B2C companies, SPOTIO’s Lead Machine gives reps the power find contact demographic information for each home, in a single click.

SPOTIO Integrates to Any CRM

Use any CRM of Your Choosing

You don’t have to be pigeon held to one CRM. Whether native or via API, SPOTIO integrates to the CRM your organization likes best. 

Data that is captured from the field using your SPOTIO app updates your favorite CRM in real-time. 

Capture Activity From Any Channel

Texts, calls, emails, visits… outside sales reps interact with prospects and customers through a variety of channels, but many times these interactions go undocumented. 

Not anymore.

SPOTIO’s Multichannel Communication feature records every call, text, email and visit, updating your CRM as each interaction takes place. 

Now, your CRM data is up-to-date and accurate so you can make the right business decisions. 

Integrate Seamlessly With Salesforce

SPOTIO integrates with your CRM to ensure all sales activity and data from the field updates your system of record in real-time. SPOTIO is a powerful mapping solution designed to visualize this complex data so you can make sense of it.

But SPOTIO goes beyond just mapping. Capabilities such as logging calls, tracking activities, automating prospect outreach, and identifying additional opportunities that exist near a rep’s current location, SPOTIO takes the power of sales mapping and ties it together with every aspect of your prospecting and sales process.

“What I like best about SPOTIO is it’s time saving abilities. I am able to unqualify many homeowners before I even ever knock on the door.”

SHANE LYNCH, President, Stormguard

SPOTIO is the better platform for you if …


Your reps won’t remember how they lived without SPOTIO

“I’m using SPOTIO to track every appointment, next steps and a boat load of information I obtain from the meeting. The benefits are plain and simple: I’ve been able to close more sales.”
Brandon V.
“If you are canvassing, SPOTIO will make your life much easier.”
G2 User
“Intuitive, quick, and highly customizable. This app has increased my productivity 10 fold. I really couldn’t do my job without it.”
Evan G.
Financial Services
“Easy to track potential customers and see past customers. Makes it very handy when trying to remember conversations you’ve had with people.”
G2 User
“I keep track of names, time in home, and date to follow up with ease. I love using the colored spots to track interest so I can manage my time easily and maximize my sales.”
Zak K.
G2 User
“SPOTIO helps keep me organized! That's huge. Knowing who to concentrate on has been a huge time saver.”
Ted T.