How to Inspire Sales Team Motivational Quotes - How to Inspire Your Sales Team with Motivational Quotes

How to Inspire Your Sales Team with Motivational Quotes

I don’t know about you, but I thrive on sales motivational quotes. They’re inspiring, helpful and give powerful words to speak into your life to manifest positivity, all of which are important to sales teams. So, what are the best motivational quotes for sales teams? The answer may surprise you!

Do Words Have an Impact on Motivating Sales Team?

First, it’s important to determine if words actually affect people to get a grasp on which sales team motivational quotes to use to inspire sales teams. So, let’s turn to science.

  1. Farouk Radwan, MSc from conducted an experiment to determine whether words have an effect on people’s moods. Three groups of people were given a word-based puzzle to solve:
  • Group 1: Puzzle contained words like “calm” and “polite.”
  • Group 2: Puzzle contained words like “anger” and “rude.”
  • Group 3: Puzzle contained neutral words.

After each group solved their puzzle, they were asked to move into another room. Along the way, someone kept interrupting them which forced them to wait a long time before arriving in the room. Amazingly, each group responded based on the words they were exposed to while working through the puzzle. Group 2 responded aggressively, while Group 1 expressed politeness toward the person wasting their time, and Group 3 had a neutral response.

Based on this experiment, being exposed to words affects ways of thinking and performance. Words have a temporary effect, lasting for a bit right after being exposed to them, so choose sales team motivational quotes for your team that consist of inspirational words that encourage positivity to enhance overall mindset.

For example, Jeffrey Gitomer, an author, speaker and business trainer who is popular for his tell-it-like-it-is personality when it comes to sales, offers a great example of a sales team motivational quote:

“Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.”

From this quote alone, two power phrases emerge: “quality performance” and “positive attitude.” Imagine if you had a sales meeting with your sales team every single day and focused on this motivational quote. Each team member would leave the meeting and go into their perspective territories with “quality performance” and “positive attitude” on their minds, directly affecting their performance and attitude at the door.

Words Can Become Powerful Sales Team Motivational Quotes

Some schools of thought conclude that for those of us who feel inspired by motivational quotes, simple phrases and sayings tend to resonate more, while others don’t find them meaningful at all. Jonathan Fader, PhD, psychologist and motivational expert, says there’s a self-selection process that determines if a person is drawn to motivational sayings, but besides this, perhaps an equally as strong incentive to try harder is someone who believes you can do something.

Typically, if a person you look to for support in your life believes in you, this is enough to motivate you, at least to some degree. Sales managers need to demonstrate their belief in the potential of each and every member on their sales team just as salespeople need to believe in themselves and the product or service they represent at the door. Imagine how you feel when a support person not only believes in you but also offers you a motivational quote based on words that resonate with you to reflect upon. This is a powerful combination! It’s kinda like a triple shot of espresso! Give this gift to your sales team.

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Here’s another conclusion: Ward Farnsworth, dean at the University of Texas School of Law, has found that people have an “appetite for well-expressed wisdom, motivational or otherwise” in his book Farnsworth’s Classical English Rhetoric. Farnsworth also claims that the words chosen to formulate a motivational quote even makes a huge difference.

There can be many ways to say the same phrase and one way may be more pleasing and convincing to one of your salespeople than arranging the words in a different combination to motivate and inspire another team member. Both have the same meaning, but the way in which each individual’s brain processes the meaning of each word is distinct. Therefore, each individual yields a different reaction even though the meaning of the phrase is the same.

And, yet another finding. During Radwan’s study, an impactful discovery was made. Words that typically evoke negative emotions actually disturb the chemical processes in the brain for a few moments. Because of this, he concluded that the mind is unable to accept external input unless it matches its belief system. So, unless you use sales team motivational quotes that align with the beliefs of each individual member of your sales team, the words that make up the quote will be unmotivating and unaffecting.

To properly motivate your sales team with quotes; therefore, you must get to know the individuals who make up your team. Remember the acronym T.U.R.F.:

  1. Talk to your sales team on a regular basis. Learn about each person, his/her life and problems or issues he or she is facing.
  2. Use words that align with the individual based on what you have learned.
  3. Remind individuals of earlier achievements by using words that motivate him or her based on what you know about the individual. How would the individual explain that achievement? What power words would he or she use?
  4. Find sales team motivational quotes that speak directly to the individual by using power words that motivate him or her.

There seems to be multiple schools of thought and scientific conclusions when it comes to sales team motivational quotes and if they’re even worth your time and effort to incorporate them into the culture of your sales team. It can be confusing. But, when you take a step back and see how all are connected, this produces a powerful way to inspire your sales team with motivational quotes.

How to Use Sales Team Motivational Quotes

Combining Fader and Farnsworth’s outlook on sales team motivational quotes along with the scientific study by Radwan, sales managers can effectively use motivational quotes to inspire their sales team to greatness. The following provides the guidelines you need to incorporate to effectively use motivational quotes with your sales team:

  1. Use sales team motivational quotes that contain words that evoke positive emotions.
  2. Choose and use sales motivational quotes in addition to believing in your sales team and ensure each team member knows you believe in him or her.
  3. People crave wisdom, so be sure to choose and use motivational quotes in which the words are arranged in the right combination to motivate and inspire that particular sales team member.
  4. Use the T.U.R.F. method (see above) to determine which motivational quotes most align with each individual member of your sales team’s belief system and use those quotes.

Let’s take a look at some motivational quotes and specific situations to determine how to effectively use them based on the 4 guidelines above.

Situation 1:  One of your salespeople is great at telling you exactly what he is going to do, but when it comes to executing, it never gets done. He knows that you believe in him and support what he says he will do.

You also know that his past sales manager, who he looked up to as a mentor, would always talk a good game, but never follow through with what he said he would do. This is exactly what your salesperson is doing—mimicking his mentor.

To help motivate him in the right direction, you choose the following quote because one of his power phrases is to “always get better:”

“Well done is better than well said.” — Benjamin Franklin

This quote tells the salesperson exactly how to get better—by doing instead of talking.

Situation 2: You have a lady on your sales team who knocks five doors and then she starts texting you, saying how she is giving up because three people were rude to her and the other two slammed the door. You have reassured her on several occasions that you believe in her and her abilities, but when it gets tough out in the field, she turns to giving up.

At her last job, she literally gave up and quit because she never made any sales nor did her sales manager invest in training her. When you interviewed her, you saw major potential and you have been her mentor, guiding her ever since. While training, you discovered that she hates losing at anything.

Ahhhh, good ole’ Babe Ruth to the rescue for this lady! Ruth’s quote tells this lady exactly how she can avoid getting beat (losing) and it’s by never giving up, the exact opposite of how she normally behaves.

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” — Babe Ruth

Situation 3: You have a guy on your sales team who is constantly putting himself down when something doesn’t turn out the way he expected. You want to find a quote that will inspire him to quit dwelling on the negative and start focusing more on the positive.

You know that he wants to become a great salesman and he believes in the things that Oprah does, such as journaling and reading inspirational books, and journals his goals every morning and reads each night before bed.

The following quote would probably resonate with him because it’s by Oprah, someone he looks up to and believes in what she does so much that he, too, does it and it shows him that if he continues to dwell on the negative, that is who he will become—not the great salesman he wants to become.

“What we dwell on is who we become.” — Oprah Winfrey

There are unlimited motivational quotes if you simply search Google; however, if you don’t know how to pick and use them to inspire your sales team, they really are useless. Take the time to get to know each individual salesperson on your team and understand the words that really make them respond in positive ways. Then, find quotes that solidify the actions you want them to take or concept you want them to focus on that use words that truly resonate to inspire greatness among your sales team.

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