Geopointe Alternative

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

Looking for a Geopointe alternative?

Map territories, organize routes, and boost productivity; without being tied to one CRM.

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SPOTIO has you covered.

Your Geopointe alternative needs to be better than the original. That’s why we offer everything you use in Geopointe (and much more).

Sales Route Optimization

Your contacts and leads are organized into one efficient route that takes into account any planned appointments. With automatic route planning, you can focus on selling.

Territory Management

Managers can create strategic territories that help their field reps stay focused on the most valuable leads. Automated mapping saves managers up to 3 hours of work per day.

Lead Prospecting

SPOTIO allows you to prospect faster by matching your ideal customer profile to leads on the map. Uncover qualified prospects in seconds.

CRM Integration

This Geopointe alternative integrates with Salesforce (as well as any other CRM you might be using). Meaning, your field data and CRM will always be in perfect harmony.

Google Maps Powered

Any locations that can be found in Google Maps are in SPOTIO, meaning you don’t need to search for individual addresses or create manual lists.

Status Assignment

Leads can easily be assigned an individual status. This status system is color-coded, which means one quick look at the map reveals where your most valuable leads are located.

Top 6 reasons to switch from Geopointe to SPOTIO

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from switching to this Geopointe alternative:

Bolt onto any CRM, not just Salesforce

With Geopointe, you’re stuck using just one CRM: Salesforce. 

With SPOTIO, you can use any major CRM. SPOTIO works as a bolt-on solution that integrates perfectly with the CRM you already know and love. That way, you can bring field sales readiness into your organization, no matter which CRM you use.

Territory Management Screen and Mobile

Use 50+ data points to level up your lead prospecting

SPOTIO’s Lead Machine allows you to stop wasting time with accounts that have a low chance of closing: instead, focus on the ones that do. 

Create detailed customer personas with data points such as age, credit score, home or business type, and 50 more! Then, SPOTIO will map out your ideal customers in the area you specify, meaning you’ll know exactly where your ideal customers are.

Leads Created by Users Shown by Count over time Dashboard Report

Track all outside sales activities across the entire organization

From a field-rep level to an organizational level, SPOTIO gives you a fast and easy-to-digest view of what’s going on with sales in your organization. Managers can track where reps are as they drop pins on the map, and the status of the leads they’re contacting. Later, reps can see their score on the sales leaderboard, encouraging friendly competition. 

With superior reporting, SPOTIO gives managers the insights they need to improve processes and help their team close more deals.

SPOTIO's CRM Integrations_Smaller

Assign territories smarter and faster, from any device

Using SPOTIO, you can assign territories by zip code, specific streets, or general neighborhoods. Visualizing sales territories gets even better with dozens of additional data points available right in SPOTIO. Using these insights, managers can ensure that the best reps are working on the right leads.

Best of all, SPOTIO is available for your mobile device, so managers can stay informed no matter where they are and reps can keep up-to-date while they’re in the field.

Lead Machine 2.0 Screenshot

Re-engage smarter with historical data

No sale was ever won on the first contact. Reps need to keep following up with their leads, but those past conversations are essential to move the deal forward. That’s why SPOTIO provides a quick overview of historical data, including past communication and transactions. That way, sales reps can refresh their memory on the details of their last appointment, and managers can use historical data to help their team improve.

Close more contracts while out in the field

Forget emailing back and forth to get a contract signed. SPOTIO allows reps immediate access to the files they need, no matter where they are. The e-Contract functionality means that reps can get contracts signed right from their smartphones while with customers.


Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what our customers have to say about us:

“SPOTIO is the best door-to-door tracking software available. We use SPOTIO to track canvassers in the field and understand where we need to make improvements. I can’t imagine how we would function without it!”

“I absolutely love how easily you can access information that has been entered into the application. We can always rely on the program to make sure the lead information we have on file is accurate.”

– Dan B.

Wouldn’t use anything by SPOTIO. The app is extremely intuitive and perfect for visiting homes or businesses on the go. It’s considerably less “bulky” compared to some of the CRM apps used in the past, but still has all the functionality you’d ever need. Entering information and updating pins is extremely quick and easy. I love that I can see the location of my sales reps when they input data.

We were able to customize the app to perfectly match our sales process which made for a seamless transition. Couldn’t be happier with our decision to switch to SPOTIO.”

– Jordan S.

“SPOTIO has increased my sales by 30%! I like being able to track every home that I went to with details. I keep track of names, time in home, and date to follow up with ease. I really love using the colored spots to track interest as well so I can manage my time easily and maximize my sales.

I am maximizing my time and realizing the benefits of going back to area which I had already knocked before without trying to remember if I was there already.”

– Zac K.

“I find Spotio to be user friendly and intuitive to the demands of a lead generating salesperson. Import of data is quick and easy, the app runs well and any unexpected trouble or errors are addressed quickly and with transparency. I have used high-end “clunky” CRM software and I find Spotio to be a good organization.”

– David L.

Ready to make a switch?

SPOTIO keeps your business organized, and makes your sales process even smoother. Managers can keep track of their reps, and reps can keep track of their most valuable leads. Best of all, you can use SPOTIO alongside almost any CRM: not just Salesforce.

Are you ready to use the #1 field sales acceleration platform?