9 Tips on Getting More Leads While Canvassing

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I prefer to see getting leads while canvassing as a blend of art and science.

Sound a bit crazy? Well, just hear me out:

The artistic side of canvassing expresses the technical skill of communication in order to build a relationship at the door with a complete stranger…all in about 7 seconds and then nurture them into a lead. It’s an articulate song-and-dance between:

The canvasser as the artist;
The person at the door as the canvas; and
The words used, representing the various colors of paint.

All of these harmoniously come together to form the masterpiece — an appointment.

On the scientific side, a canvasser uses a certain blend of words and proven facts to present an opportunity to the person at the door. It’s as if:

The canvasser is the mad scientist;
The person at the door is like Egor; and
The words used are the ingredients and give instructions on how to make the magical, bubbly potions.

Together, through chemical reactions, these form the final product— an appointment.

Sounds like a bedtime story you read to your kids, doesn’t it? But, by thinking of canvassing in different ways, it helps you see it from various perspectives. This raises your own awareness and enables you to get better results at the door because you are able to see the process through a different set of eyes, the person at the door.

So, with heightened awareness in combination with the following tips, you can get more leads while canvassing:

1. Ya know that thing called a script? Use it. Scripts are created to make your job easier and give you a proven system, based on principles that work. It is very important to remain conversational with the person at the door to build trust so that when you ask for the appointment, it’s like the person is taking advice from a trusted friend.

Give yourself some freedoms to edit the pitch to make it your own, while following the basic script your manager has taught you. You are not a robot and potential leads don’t expect you to be because they see a human on their doorstep. So, personalize your engagement with people at the door.

Make small tweaks that fit your personality to demonstrate to the person at the door that you identify with them and understand how your product or service will solve their main issue.

2. Be prepared. Decide and commit to maintaining a positive attitude. The more positivity you radiate, the more positive people will be around you. And, with such happiness in the air, it’s really hard to say “no” or respond negatively.

Being prepared doesn’t have to be complicated:

Be nice;
Be genuinely interested in the potential lead at the door;
Respect all potential leads’ time;
Nurture your “not interested” or “not at this time” leads; and
Follow through on everything that you promise at the door.

3. Be organized. Get rid of the paper, pen, map and highlighter routine. Just get rid of it. It’s not efficient, and seriously, having to keep track of all those tools is a bit daunting. You spend more time juggling junk than converting people at the door, so replace that junk with a tool like SPOTIO to stay organized with a single app.

The app empowers you to:

  • Map out your entire territory on an actual map and break territories down by zip-code or create zones based on economic potential.
  • Track all sales activities.
  • Add leads.
  • Record feedback received at the door.
  • Use real-time data to determine where to knock next.
  • All data sent back to your manager, so no time is wasted reporting back.

Spotio literally takes the place of paper, pen, maps and highlighters, replacing them with one tool to keep your work days organized.

Also, as a part of staying organized, be sure to include your vehicle. Maintain your vehicle on a regular basis and conduct a quick check daily before you set out to canvass to help prevent damage that would keep you from knocking doors for a long period of time.

A free app, like AUTOsist, allows you to log and record maintenance and gas/fuel economy as well as set reminders. You can also easily attach receipts and other maintenance-related documents by taking a picture with your mobile device.

If you’re not knocking, you’re not speaking with people, and without people, there are no leads.

4. Use data to make decisions. Real-time data to track your sales activities, based specifically on your canvassing efforts, will lead to understanding the true impact of your canvassing performance.

To get more leads while canvassing, you need consistency and proficiency based on actual data, not some made-up numbers or playing a guessing game of where to knock. Consider tracking the following daily metrics and analyzing them to gain more knowledge on where to knock, what types of neighborhoods yield the most leads, etc.:

Total number of leads generated;
What territories yielded the most leads;
Number of leads that scheduled appointments; and
Which leads to add to your follow-up program.

5. Manage and qualify leads. As soon as you make contact with someone at the door, start the qualification process of transitioning them over to an actual lead, even if the person at the door is just a little interested. Here some examples of qualifying questions to consider and record the answers in Spotio:

Does the person at the door need your product or service?
Does the person at the door understand and see the value it will provide by agreeing to the price point?
Is the person at the door able to commit to a certain amount of time for the appointment?

By qualifying people at the door and then transitioning them to a lead when canvassing, you ensure your product or service solves a major issue for the person. The person will either respond by scheduling an appointment or saying they’re not interested.

To gain more leads, be sure to put everyone who was “not interested” in a follow-up program and nurture them so that you and your product or service stays top of mind. Also, when they are interested, they will know to contact you.

6. Use a contact/lead nurturing program. When you schedule an appointment or get approval for an install, mail out a letter to 50-100 area neighbors telling them that Mr. and Mrs. _______ have bought your product. Ask if they need a new ________ too and enclose a reply card. Don’t expect to receive many reply cards back, but this method alerts that you are in the area.

One week before the install, send a postcard to the same 50-100 neighbors, detailing when the install will take place and invite them down to see it being installed. For those who show up, initiate a conversation and turn them into a lead on the spot.

This is a great way to make leads come to you, which saves you time and opens up the possibility of gaining more leads.

Also, remember to show your gratitude to the people in your program at various stages. Send them a “handwritten” thank you card! Imagine how “wow-ed” people will be when they receive something in the mail from you!

Not enough time to sit down and write? Worried about your hand cramping? Well, Spotio has just the Zap from Zapier for you! It’s called Thankster, a service that creates and mails cards that have a “handwritten” look.

I’ll even let you in on a little “secret!” Click here to see the coupon code for 20 FREE CARDS from Thankster, just for Spotio users, and learn how to get started with a picture tutorial. (The only prerequisite is to have a Zapier and Spotio account.)

7. Always leave some collateral behind. As soon as you knock on the door, place a door hanger or flyer around the door where it is stable and most likely to be seen. This serves two purposes:

If the homeowner answers the door, it will serve as a reminder of your visit; or
If no one answers, it will serve as a notification that plants a seed in the homeowner’s mind that you were at their door and why.

By pre-engaging potential leads with collateral about you and your company, you automatically get the homeowner thinking about you and what you are offering. When you follow up, it will be easier to convert them to an actual lead because they have already been introduced to you and your product or service.

8. Be persistent. When a person at the door responds with “I’m not interested,” it doesn’t mean they will never be interested. The potential lead is not telling you “no,” he or she is telling you “not yet.” So, dedicate yourself and follow up with them until they become a qualified lead, which in the long run, yields getting more leads while canvassing.

The next time you canvass the neighborhood and have something new to offer, make it a point to stop back by all the homes who weren’t interested. Reference why they weren’t interested the first time and then tell them about your new offer. This is just one of the more valuable tips on getting more leads while canvassing.

This keeps homeowners engaged with you and at the top of their mind.

Bonus Tip: Use Spotio to record the reasons why people aren’t interested in your product or service. Make reference to it when you follow up with them.

9. Knock on the right door. Just because a door faces the street doesn’t mean this is the door that the homeowner uses on a regular basis. To increase your door open rate, knock on the door that looks like the most accessible and most used.

Check for these signs to determine if there may be another door to knock:

No mailbox or mail slot in the door;
A build-up of newspapers/flyers around the door; or
A pathway or driveway that leads to another door.

Bonus Tip: Think safety first! Always stay visible from the street. Never go around to the back of a house alone, even if you believe the back door is the most used door.


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