Stop Guessing. Territory Management 1 - Stop Guessing. The Truth about Territory Management.

Stop Guessing. The Truth about Territory Management.

I was talking to a customer last week and was asked a familiar question; one that I get every so often from Spotio customers:

“How long should we wait until we go back and re-work a territory”

My typical answer has been,

“I don’t have any hard data to help here. Each territory is different and each product is different.  Just rework the territory until you have 70 – 80% penetration or contact rate.”

Not a great answer but I was telling the truth. I don’t like to offer up b.s. just to make myself sound smart.

Then, the last time I was asked this question a huge light bulb went off.

Dang, how could I be so inept?turn-off-lights2

It was so obvious that I almost reached out and slapped myself in the face. How and the heck could I have missed the point of this question for so long.

The question you were really asking (without really saying it) was:

“How long do I have to wait to re-work a territory so the guy that yelled at me to get a life and get off his door step before he called the cops will forget about me?”

Nobody just came out and asked me the question that way so it took a few times to put it all together.

Territory Management the Old School Way

Before Spotio, you never knew where you had been so you were always hesitant to go and re-knock doors because you weren’t sure what happened there the time before.

In a profession where confidence is key and daily motivation is all but required, one ultra negative Nancy at the door can take you from preparing for total domination to off your game.

So then we had the great idea to use knock sheets to mark down the result at each door. Genius right?!

Not only would we know what happened at the door, but we would also know that our reps had been there — killing two birds with one stone.

While it was a good thought and everybody’s heart was in the right place let’s be honest here, it was a pipedream.

Sure we used Street Sheets but to think that we were ever going to be soooo organized that we would file them away and then somehow find and actually use them when its time to go back into a territory was ludicrous.

No way and no how. I mean come on!

After all we are sales people.  None of us have been given any awards for superb organizational skills.


Some people still use the Street Sheets and have a glimmer of hope that it is worth the time when in reality it is a complete waste of time and good trees.

Be honest with yourself, you never use the Street Sheets for anything other than seeing how many addresses are written down for the day.

And I know this because each time I ask a sales manager how useless the Street Sheets are, they just laugh. The silence speaks VOLUMES.

Territory Management Now

Before mobile technology, effective territory management has been an obscure science left to only the most organized of Google map printer out-ers, collectors and filer away-ers.

Also known as: probably not you.  That’s ok!  You are in good company.  We have thousands of customers all over the world in your same situation.

After having this brain fart it was really easy to answer the question…

“When you use Spotio to track the result of every house you can go back through each neighborhood every single day or twice a day if you want until you get to a 75% contact rate.”

There is no worry for talking to the wrong person because you know exactly what happened the last time through. You simply skip over the houses of the “Not Interested” and go to the next one.

You can run a morning and an afternoon shift to really touch each door at different times.

Territory Management with Spotio

Don’t leave yourself or your team guessing where you have been and what the result was.  Know for a fact and you will immediately increase your confidence when at the door.

You can’t sell anything if you don’t talk to anybody.  Maximizing the contact rate is Step 1 in gaining sales efficiency.

When to Rework the Whole Area, Just Like It’s New

The next logical question is, once I get a 75% contact rate in the area when should I go back through and work the whole thing again?

I don’t know for sure but how about putting them on ice for 6 – 8 months.  Then you will go in and make new attempts on everybody that didn’t become a paying customer.  You will have old leads in there, some that weren’t interested last time and some that you never got to talk to in the first place.

Use your current customers as a reference point and lead in to talk to the prospects and you will get a better reception.

If you don’t want your team to have preconceived notions about the territory since it was worked before then you can re-assign all the Spotio Pins (except the Sold ones) to another user or to a dummy account.

That way when the rep goes into the area all they see are the Sold pins and can knock each house just like it’s new.

How to Put it Into Action

With the advent of mobile technology you now have within your grasp tools like this door to door sales app and canvassing apps so that each and every manager can be a territory management hero.  It comes down to just doing the basics.

Here they are:

  1. Methodically choose the area you want to work.  Do your research before hand so you know that you aren’t wasting any time.  You can go into the area and really invest some time there.
  2. Use the SPOTIO’s territory management software feature to create and assign out territories to reps and teams.
  3. Log the result of each and every house and taking some additional data if they are Not Home.
  4. Understand your Contact Rate for the territory after you work it so you know where you stand.
  5. Continue to rework the territory until you have reached a 75% contact rate.  Make sure to check the times you have worked and spread them out to hit different working schedules of owners.
  6. Rinse and repeat on the next territory

I see it time and time again.  The biggest advantage a SPOTIO customers have over non SPOTIO customers is that they are going to work their territories much more efficiently and accurately so that the highest contact rate is achieved.  This along with a couple other common sense management tactics result in 25%, 55% and even 400% increases in sales.

If you are still using Street Sheets to track your sales or even nothing at all.  Do yourself a favor and check out Spotio.  It is one of the few things you will do for your business that can provide such an immediate return on your investment.

To schedule a 15- minute screen share demo, email us at and we will be more than happy to show you how.

Have feedback?  I’d love to hear what works for you and/or your team.

When have you found is the best time to go back and re-work an area?  Just leave it in the comments below.