SPOTIO Tips & Tricks: Building & Exporting Reports

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Reporting capabilities are crucial to operational efficiency. As a manager, having a clear digest of activity outcomes allows you to see why a deal was won or lost; helping you fine-tune training and coaching. Reps benefit as well. Reports are a way for reps to visualize the sales process, increasing understanding of their performance and offering insight into how prospects make decisions around whether or not to purchase your offering.

Types of Reports in SPOTIO

You can pull reports from two performance vantage points: Historical and Current.

Historical reports are just that, a look back at the history of a lead and how it progressed through the pipeline; where a lead came from.

Current reports offer real-time insight into where leads and prospects are today.

Building a Report in SPOTIO

Building a report is simple. From the Filter section on the lefthand nav, select the criteria of interest.

Filter Options

Filter and run reports on a wide array of parameters so that you can really get into the minutia of team sales activities to see where everyone is excelling, where leads are stalling in the sales process, view rep efficiency, etc.

Some criteria you can filter by are:

  • By a specific sales rep or multiple reps
  • Zip code
  • Date range
  • Stages
  • Activities
  • Or any multi-choice fields you create

Once you’ve selected on the information you’d like to analyze, you’re ready to export.

Note: If this is a report you will want to view consistently (daily, weekly, quarterly, etc.), be sure to save your filters to quickly access this report in the future. Do this by selecting, ‘Save Filter’.

Exporting Reports

See that green arrow? That’s it! Click to export.

Check it out:



When you’re able to pull data covering any part of the sales process, you’re armed with information you need to make better decisions. Keep every level of your sales team accountable, efficient, informed and producing more.


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