SPOTIO Takes Home 6 G2 Summer Awards

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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The Oscars, the GRAMMYs, the British Sewing Awards… Just about every field recognizes its top performers in some way. The tech industry is no different.

In fact, some of the most popular awards in the software space come from G2, a well-known and respected software review site. What makes awards from G2 so prestigious is that they’re based on real user reviews, not the opinions of out-of-touch judges.

We’re happy to announce that SPOTIO has won six G2 Summer Awards!

These accolades help establish SPOTIO as a powerful software for outside sales professionals. But that doesn’t mean our solution is difficult or expensive to use. Our newly minted G2 badges prove that SPOTIO is easy to implement, boosts ROI, and more.

And the Winner is… SPOTIO!

Our six G2 Summer Awards span multiple categories for small and mid-sized businesses. Here’s a quick outline of each one received this awards period:

1. Best Estimated ROI – Small Business

“The Best Estimated ROI product in the Results Index earned the best estimated ROI rating in its category based on a combination of estimated time to achieve ROI and time to go live.”

Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important metrics when assessing software. We work hard to ensure our solutions offer WAY more value than we ask our customers to pay and it’s nice to see our hard work pay off. When you invest in SPOTIO for your outside sales team, you’re investing in a tool that’s proven to boost ROI.

2. Fastest Implementation – Small Business

“The Fastest Implementation product in the Implementation Index had the shortest go-live time in its category.”

What good is a powerful, ROI-boosting solution if it takes a year and a day to implement successfully? The answer: not much good…

By winning a top spot in the “Fastest Implementation” category, our users recognize that the SPOTIO software has an incredibly short go-live time, meaning our customers invest in our solution and actually start using it to improve their sales processes immediately.

You don’t have to be a technology wizard or employ a full-time IT team to benefit from SPOTIO. Any sales rep can easily boost their sales numbers with our tool.

3. Fastest Implementation – Mid-Market

“The Fastest Implementation product in the Implementation Index had the shortest go-live time in its category.”

SPOTIO was also given the “Fastest Implementation” award in the Mid-Market category, proving that sales departments of all sizes can use our tool to their advantage. If you work for a mid-sized business, you can use SPOTIO to improve your sales numbers, too.

4. Best Meets Requirements – Mid-Market

“The Best Meets Requirements product in the Usability Index earned the highest Meets Requirements rating in its category.”

You don’t invest in business software for no reason. You do it to solve a specific problem or realize a certain benefit. Winning top honors in this category means that SPOTIO helps more users solve their problems and recognize more benefits than other comparable tools.

Whether you want to automate tasks, track sales, communicate with leads via multiple channels, manage territories, or map customers, you can do it exceptionally well with SPOTIO.

5. Leader – Mid-Market

“Products in the Leader quadrant in the Mid-Market Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.”

We’re extremely proud of this award because it means that mid-sized businesses love the SPOTIO solutions, as evidenced by the sky-high reviews they leave us on G2. Our goal is to continually improve our field sales engagement platform so that we win this award every year!

6. Leader

“Products in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.”

Last, but certainly not least, SPOTIO has won a general “Leader” award. This accolade speaks to the fact that sales teams of all sizes love and benefit from SPOTIO. As stated above, our goal is to win this award as often as possible and our team is dedicated to this aim.

Let’s Celebrate!

We’re very proud to have won so many G2 Summer Awards this year! Especially because these awards mean that we’re accomplishing our main objective: create powerful, easy-to-use software for field sales teams that improve their results.

So thank you for using the SPOTIO platform and writing about your experiences on sites like G2. We wouldn’t have won these awards without you.

Here’s to better software and more accolades in the future!