Sales Territory Mapping Software

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Sales Territory Mapping Software

Sales Territory Mapping Software by SPOTIO

Dividing a sales territory into manageable areas within an identified area of a targeted marketplace is an effective way to assign smaller territories to sales reps and cover a larger area in less time. Dedicating time to SPOTIO as a sales territory mapping software to map out the perfect territory for each sales rep will increase profits and enhance efficiency among the sales team.

Effortlessly Create Territories Visible in Real Time

The “territories” feature within SPOTIO’s dashboard is the place for sales managers to go to establish territories based on a variety of factors specific to sales strategy:

  • Particular streets;
  • Individual or clusters of zip codes;
  • Areas based on total drive time; or
  • Larger areas that must be worked over the next few weeks or months.

Sales Dashboard 300x197 - Sales Territory Mapping SoftwareWhen sales reps are out in the field, SPOTIO’s sales territory mapping software is available in real time via an Android or iOS app. The app gives sales reps the ability to see different sales territories on the map, only see their dedicated sales territory or search a list for assigned sales territories.

Build Your Company’s Hierarchy

SPOTIO’s SPRINT plan allows you to convert your company’s hierarchy into the app to get a visual representation of its structure. Building a hierarchy is easy in SPOTIO. If you can tick mark a box, enter basic data and read a drop down list, then you’ve got it made!

Based on your custom-created hierarchy:

Rep Management 300x193 - Sales Territory Mapping Software

Sales reps can report directly to their managers; AND Managers can truly guide their sales team to success with options to assign territories and add, edit, inactivate or remove users while being able to see their team member’s activities.

Give Your Team the Edge

When each sales rep has a clearly defined sales territory mapped out, increased profits and overall team efficiency is achieved. Sales reps know exactly where they need to go, and, because theyare able to see their team member’s territories, collaboration improves across the whole team.

To reach your sales goals, schedule your free SPOTIO demo and see this powerful sales territory mapping software first hand.

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