Lead Management Software

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Lead Management Software

Lead Management Software by SPOTIO

The process and method of lead management is what drives the success of a sales team. Capturing specific details about each prospect quickly and efficiently, and then being able to use this data to increase productivity and sales is the goal of SPOTIO’s lead management software.

SPOTIO users gain the following lead management benefits:

  • Staying organized;
  • Ability to focus on the true needs of prospects;
  • Saves time;
  • Ensures you’re working the right territory;
  • Achieve more sales; and
  • “Leaderboard” feature promotes friendly competition based on stats within the app to motivate sales reps.

Lead Intelligence Turns Into Profits

SPOTIO geocodes all prospects onto a map. Each lead receives their own custom status that you create based on your company’s common sales lingo and the specific data you want to track.

Prospects can be further identified by assigning them a specific color based on where they are in your sales funnel. This creates a database of “lead intelligence” within the app. Sales reps can access and use this data in real time out in the field as they interact with prospects to close more sales.

Diving into past communications and outcomes also helps to create a plan to effectively revive cold leads and write sales pitches for new prospects to turn a profit quicker, all based on historical data.

Your Lead Management Enhanced

SPOTIO’s lead management software is endless because it is totally customizable based on your needs. Here are 3 ways SPOTIO takes your lead management to the next level:

  • The “Not Interested” Lead: By creating this status in SPOTIO, you can run a filter 6 months or so down the road and create a list of prospects to re-engage.
  • The “Future” Lead: This status allows sales reps to return to a particular territory and contact these “hot” leads first.
  • The “Reassigned” Lead: Easily and quickly re-assign pins from one user to another based on your lead management strategy.

Never Lose Another Lead

Because all the action takes place within the app, SPOTIO’s lead management software eliminates the need to use multiple tools to collect and track leads, and gain access to lead-specific information, or risk losing leads between tools. This saves time attempting to get tools to sync together and work properly, and the frustration of losing a lead altogether.

Get Organized. Keep Track. Sell More.

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