Customer Mapping Software

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Customer Mapping Software

Customer Mapping Software by SPOTIO

SPOTIO’s customer mapping software enables the use of basic location data to create a visual representation of a desired territory. This saves valuable time and money so that you can introduce more customers to your product or service.

Customer mapping software immediately honors your valuable time, and in the long run, will help increase sales with more face-to-face relationship building opportunities.

Create a Precise Location Tool

The whole premise of SPOTIO is to drop pins on properties located on a map so that you have a physical representation of a desired territory. It’s much easier to actually see on a map exactly where a desired property is located rather than staring at unorganized data on a spreadsheet or even a handwritten list.  Having this level or organization at your fingertips is one of the main benefits of using field sales software.

Uncover Qualified Prospects Just Device 153x300 - Customer Mapping SoftwareSPOTIO is designed with ease and specific location in mind. Any locations found in Google Maps can be found within SPOTIO, so there’s no searching individual addresses and creating a list of doors to knock.

Be Empowered to Make Informed Decisions

Immediate visual insight allows you to make the right choices in terms of which houses to knock first as well as determine the most logical sales route for you to take to optimize your time.

Here’s how SPOTIO makes it happen for you:

  • Your manager will designate a color-coded sales territory, so you know exactly where to go. (SPOTIO is in real time; anything that happens on the Web translates to your mobile device.)
  • Log into SPOTIO on your Android or iOS device to see your territory.
  • Drop pins on the homes within your territory by tapping on their roofs.
  • The exact address is revealed based on Google Maps.
  • You will then be able to add name, phone number, email and other important information per house within your territory as you knock doors.
  • And then have the ability to add the Status or Result of what happened during your time there.

Get Visual with SPOTIO’s Customer Mapping Software

Being able to reference a visual of your territory with our customer mapping software prevents wasted time trying to figure out the best way to visit all the customers in your area within an allotted Rep Management 300x193 - Customer Mapping Softwaretime frame. With SPOTIO, you will be able to see exactly where to start knocking doors to efficiently use your time and put an end to filling up your gas tank way too often!

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