Customer Story

Dent Mechanic Group

How SPOTIO Helped the Sales Team at Dent Mechanic Group Achieve More

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Change Impacted:
“Before SPOTIO, I don't think we understood what it would take to effectively manage a sales team from rep tracking, time management, effort levels, and ultimately revenue output.”
Key Integrations:

Customer Overview

Industry: Dentless Auto-Hail Repair
Company Size: 12-25 field sales team members
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth Region
Founded: 2015

Dent Mechanic Group is a full-service, white glove, auto-body hail repair shop based in Dallas, Texas.

Dent Mechanic Group focuses on providing a best-in-class customer experience throughout the entire sales and repair process using a dedicated team of outside sales professionals. Their “full-cycle” reps are responsible for canvassing areas impacted by hail damage, meeting and consulting with interested prospects, handling the proposal, and ensuring a smooth handoff to the repair team.

The Challenge

Because of the positive impact that Dent Mechanic Group had on its customers, the company experienced healthy growth. But, as the team grew, gaps in process began to create obstacles impacting scalability. The existing manual processes were not well-suited for outside sellers and challenged the execution of prompt customer responses.

Dent Mechanic Group had several issues to address with business growth:

  • Little to no visibility into what reps were working on
  • Limited understanding of what (and who) needs improvement
  • Deals frequently fall through the cracks; poor customer experience
  • Lack of focus for sales teams – “cherry-picking” deals
  • Wasted time on unqualified leads and opportunities
  • Hard to predict future outcomes