State of Field Sales

A System of Action

Systems of Action helps streamline the sales process via lead generation, communication, territory management, routing, and analytics tools. 

If field sales teams adopt a true sales engagement platform, and combine it with a proven CRM, they have the potential to revolutionize their sales processes and create actionable, data-based strategies.



What sales engagement software do you use?

Get the Most Out of Your CRM


Most field sales reps don’t have enough time to complete the tasks assigned to them and meet quota.

Things like data entry and travel eat away at their available hours. Systems of Action help them save time via advanced automations.

Automatically log interactions between reps and leads, capture data during sales meetings, and pass accurate records to a chosen CRM platform.

Plan the most efficient travel route from one rep to the next in order to reduce windshield time, while automatically cataloging mileage information.

Build messaging templates based on proven interactions that can be quickly customized and sent to prospects from any device via email or text.


21% of survey respondents said they’d like access to tools and software that make it clear what they need to do to be successful on the job.

Top-rated Systems of Action allow sales managers to create a customized series of events for their reps to follow. Doing so shows reps exactly who to engage with, how to engage them, and when to make contact so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

The results of these customized event series can then be cataloged in a CRM software, where they’ll be stored for future reference and analysis. 


26% of survey respondents said better leads would make them a better sales person.

Top Systems of Action give users better access to information about potential prospects via integrations with Google Places, as well as filters, which will allow them to find their exact target customer in less time.

26% of survey respondents said better leads would make them a better sales person.

Once high-value leads are found with a System of Action, they can easily be moved to a CRM via seamless integrations. 


Are your reps missing their sales goals? Why is that?

As a sales manager, you need to know if your reps are underperforming because of a lack of effort or poor training.

Professional Systems of Action give users the ability to create customized reports based on the data that matters most to them and their organization. That way, they can properly evaluate rep performance and act accordingly.

The analytics dashboard inside your System of Action will give you the answers.

The results are clear.

The 2022 State of Field Sales Report illuminates the advantages and shortcomings of CRM software. While sales teams can achieve amazing results with this kind of tool, many do not. This is because most CRMs are either difficult and/or time-consuming to operate properly.

Ultimately, CRM software is designed for company leadership. As such, it often lacks the simplicity and elegance that sales reps require for day-to-day use.

The Missing Piece to
the Puzzle

Systems of Action, commonly known as sales engagement platforms, are the missing piece of the puzzle because they allow field sales teams to easily log information into their CRMs, and make sure the data they collect is both accurate and usable—something most CRMs aren’t equipped to do on their own.

When your company’s technology stack includes a CRM software, and
a System of Action, you’ll be able to boost field sales rep efficiency, maintain better customer records, close more deals, and help your organization achieve greater levels of success.



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